the morning market and shouted to the people who were still closing stalls and buying things: “Ba Xiaoshan is dead!”

the morning market and shouted to the people who were still closing stalls and buying things: “Ba Xiaoshan is dead!”
The entire morning market was quiet for an instant, and then suddenly exploded. Yi Gang felt as if a cannonball exploded around him. All the sounds disappeared in an instant, leaving a blank in his mind.
In the next few days, he began to desperately collect information from the channels he could find, and at the same time, more and more people were chasing him. News of the death gradually surfaced. In the United States, he confronted the leader of a mysterious cult, and finally severely wounded the leader of the cult, and he himself died under the divine fire. Yi Gang didn’t believe it at first. But after getting the same answer countless times, he finally understood one thing, his spiritual pillar. The person whom Yi Gang chased with all his heart and thought that one day would become him died in the United States.
From then on, Yi Gang seemed to have lost all pursuits. Start living in a hazy way. When encountering someone seeking revenge, he would move away, never practice cultivation, and just muddle along as if this life would just pass by. But when someone mentioned the bombshell news from three years ago in front of him, he would still feel turbulent in his heart.
“You want to avenge Brother Shan?” Yi Gang asked in a low voice.
/“It’s not revenge, it’s about completing the important task he didn’t complete. Let those who have spared no effort to kill him taste the consequences. In my plan, I need to recast this divine sword. Yi Gang, can you help me persuade Shu? “Ba?” Jun Yan threw the words to Yi Gang, who lowered his head and looked at the black cat in front of him.
Shu Ba still felt deeply guilty about Yi Gang. When he looked at Yi Gang, hesitation filled his cat eyes.
“Can you help me?” Just as Yi Gang started to speak, Shuba jumped onto the refrigerator and interrupted Yi Gang’s words.
“Let me think about it.” Shuba did not agree immediately. Junyi nodded and stood up and walked out. Yi Gang hurried to the door, but heard Jun Yan say: “I know Shanzi’s death seems to be a big blow to you, but we can only live up to his expectations of you by standing up again. Instead of giving up on yourself, it is better to think about one day You can do what Shanzi couldn’t do. I’m in the car outside. When Shuba thinks about it, you can come downstairs and I’ll wait.”
After saying that, Junyi turned around and walked downstairs slowly. Yi Gang watched. Watching his leaving figure. Turn around and walk into the room and sit on the sofa. It was surprisingly quiet between the person and the cat, and no one spoke.
The clock on the wall passed by minute by second, and Shuba spoke first: “I’m sorry I lied to you, are you still blaming me?”
But Yi Gang shook his head and said: “No, I don’t blame you. I’m just a little confused. Shuba
straightened up, thought for a while and said, “If you want me to hand over the fragments of the divine sword, I can only leave here. I have been hiding here