is your grandfather? He is now the old head of the Ashiya family.

is your grandfather? He is now the old head of the Ashiya family.
/The Ashiya family and the Abe family are the two major families that currently control the Onmyo Ryo. This is strange to say. Generally speaking, if two forces fight fiercely against each other for hundreds of years, they will definitely suffer losses in the end and die at the same time. However, The Ashiya family and the Abe family are an exception. They have been fighting since the Heian period. From the beginning of the superficial war, it has turned into darkness. It seems to be getting calmer but in fact it is an undercurrent. At the same time, the two major Onmyoji families are also growing in battle. Now, the power of the two major families has reached the highest point in history. Even though there has never been a super onmyoji like Ashiya Michitoshi or Abe Seimei, the influence of the two families has reached unprecedented heights.
The old head of the Ashiya family walked out from among the bodyguards. He raised his hand and waved gently to signal everyone to calm down, then looked at me and said in a rich but unclear voice: “Are you Ba Xiaoshan?”
I was not surprised at all that he could speak Chinese. Nowadays, few of the older people in Yin Yang Lao can speak Chinese.
“Nice to meet you, old man.” I said, clasping my fists.
“Would you like a cup of tea?” He walked over slowly and said without stopping. A large group of people followed him into the hall, and then the bodyguards spread out to guard around Ashiya’s house, while the onmyoji followed the old head of the Ashiya family into the house to drink tea.
Yoshiko Ashiya didn’t seem to want me to go in. After hesitating for a while, she said, “You’d better not go in. My grandpa has a weird temper.”
“Haha, it’s okay. I’d like to have tea, please. I’ll have a drink anyway.” She said. After that I walked in with a smile.
Ashiya’s house is very big. Behind the hall is a courtyard with a small bridge and flowing water, rockeries, dianthus, and pavilions. I heard that Japanese historical and cultural experts once came here to study and investigate, and designated it as a national protected cultural relic. In a stone pavilion in the center of the artificial lake, several onmyojis were sitting around the courtyard, while the old man was drinking tea in the stone pavilion. The artificial lake is filled with dim green lights, which shine out from under the water and reflect a strange light after being refracted by the water surface.
“You’d better not go there, grandpa has a very weird temper.” This girl Yoshiko Ashiya seemed fearless. But she seemed to be very afraid of her grandfather and kept asking me to leave quickly.
But I smiled. Since I might ask the Ashiya family for help in the future, I would have to deal with the Ashiya family’s hometown boss. I gently pushed Ashiya Yoshiko away and walked straight into the stone pavilion. Several onmyojis guarding the intersection also asked me to put down the broken sword and did not allow me to approach him with weapons.
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