Dao Sect Shuangshan are not in the organizer’s seat, they are still in the VIP area.

Dao Sect Shuangshan are not in the organizer’s seat, they are still in the VIP area.
“Did you see it? The master of the Nine Cave of Longhu Mountain is here, as well as the masters of the Xuanfengmen Sword Pavilion. The top management of Maoshan are also here. What a grand scene.” “Aren’t
you talking nonsense? This time the Sanjiang Ghost Town Conference can be held It is said to be unprecedented. Moreover, I also know that Mr. Tang proposed to hold the Sanjiang Ghost City Conference this time mainly to join the three major alliances. I heard that many links were prepared to flatter the three major alliances.”
At the same time, there was a lot of discussion. , the experts from Shenmen and Institute 507 also arrived. The four organizers were sitting high up, and there was an empty chair in the middle.
“It’s strange. Why is there so much space in the middle? Is there an organizer who hasn’t arrived yet?” Because many people participated in the Sanjiang Ghost Town Convention for the first time, many people were very interested in the superior organizer. Naturally, I became curious about the empty chair in the middle.
“Haha. Don’t you know?” Naturally someone from the past explained at this time, “The organizers of the Sanjiang Ghost Town Convention have all resigned themselves. What does that mean? Once you become the organizer of the Sanjiang Ghost Town Convention, you will not be able to do it unless you propose it yourself. Or clearly prove his death, otherwise outsiders will not be able to oust him. Don’t look at the organizers on the stage who have changed in the past few years. In fact, they all proposed it voluntarily. Of course, they have been threatened or received privately. We don’t know why. But the rules are still the same. They asked for abdication, and then people took over, which led to the current situation. ”
/What does the empty chair mean?” Someone asked curiously.
“The empty chair belongs to Ba Xiaoshan. Twenty years ago, he made a name for himself at the Sanjiang Ghost Town Convention. His skills shocked everyone. He defeated the Ling family who were in the limelight at the time and became the youngest organizer of the Sanjiang Ghost Town Convention. Although now Rumor has it that he has been dead for three years. We all think he must be dead, but as Jiang Hu said, if there is no complete body, it will take at least ten years to retire. .Ba Xiaoshan has only been dead for three years, so it will take another seven years to replace him.
Therefore , this chair is empty.” When everyone finally understood, they were immediately in an uproar.
“But speaking of it, Ba Xiaoshan is really a dark horse. He was able to achieve such great achievements at such a young age. It’s a pity that he died too early.”
“Yes, I still remember the battle in Shanghai six years ago. Even a master like Zhuan Ya was sent to the Shura Hell by him. I heard that only the Earth Immortal could fight with him back then, and some people said that let If he continues to practice, he might be the next Earth Immortal.