ned the door and walked out without saying hello to Zhao Song.

ned the door and walked out without saying hello to Zhao Song.
“Wan He’an, is Teacher Li Qiang here?”
“Boss, he is by my side. He just completed a simple handover!” Wan He’an said on the phone with a relieved tone.
“Turn on the speakerphone.”
/“Mr. Zhao!” Li Qiang’s voice came from the phone.
“Hello, Teacher Li Qiang, let’s get straight to the point. I would like to ask, how confident are you with the modification of the code-to-code chip this time?”
“No need to talk about technical indicators, I just want a number!”
“Ninety percent!” Wan Hean He said categorically that he was more qualified to answer this question than Li Qiang!
“Okay!” Zhao Song said equally cheerfully: “This time, we will tapeout directly without waiting for Fujitsu’s MPW service!”
“Boss” Wan He’an was instantly under great pressure.
“Teacher Li.”
“Mr. Zhao, I’m here!” Li Qiang, who switched jobs from Ark, said with excitement. This time, he finally saw the courage of fool Zhao Song!
“Teacher Li, if Tesla Microelectronics wants to continue to develop, we must ensure that every project must be profitable.”
If the code-to-code project ends, the next project must follow. If one day is wasted, one day’s wages will be lost! This is not allowed by Zhao Song, who aspires to be a qualified capitalist!
“You say it, I’ll do it!”
“You will be the leader of the next two projects.
The first is to use the outdated FM synthesis technology in the field of computer audio to make a polyphonic ringtone chip. Technical route: 4 chords, 16 chords, 64 chords, and then change it to stereo!”
“Mobile ringtone?” Li Qiang instantly understood Zhao Song’s plan!
“That’s right, if this project starts now, we will only be one month behind Yamaha!”
“I will start the preliminary demonstration immediately!” Li Qiang nodded solemnly.
“The second project,” Zhao Song said, paused here, “Teacher Li, there are currently 85.26 million flower grower mobile phone users, the second in the world! And it is growing at a rate of almost doubling every year! Let’s not go to Gao Luyuan “We are making core chips, but if we can make an LCD driver circuit, it will bring
huge social and economic benefits!” Li Qiang continued excitedly. Is this what they call a fool? This fool is so down-to-earth and so calm!
“Yes! Teacher Li, take back the money we should earn from the foreign devils!”
The new Zhonghai Electronics Market has changed greatly, but one thing has not changed, and that is the main channel connecting the east and west gates of Zhonghai.
All the counters there are still gold counters, and Golden No. 6 is still there.
Golden No. 6 is the only Tesla counter in the country that specializes in Tesla U disks. It has ultra-thin spotlights and a rotating display stand. The beautiful and expensive Tesla U disks are quietly placed on it. this.
There is nothing here except Tesla USB flash drives. The guy who opened the cabinet here once said that he wanted to make USB flash drives, so only USB flash drives are sold here.
The pro