oney has been kept at home without taking it out. If you can escape this time, it’s time to take it out and give it to the fat man.

oney has been kept at home without taking it out. If you can escape this time, it’s time to take it out and give it to the fat man.
I took the steamed bun from Luo Qiong and took a bite. I was chewing it in my mouth when I suddenly saw something dripping on my steamed bun. I smelled it and there was a smell. When I looked up, I saw that the mucus was Fallen from the board.
“What is it?”
I said strangely.
“I don’t know, is it water seepage?”
As he was talking, the board above his head was suddenly hit hard, making a loud “clang” sound. The three of us immediately became nervous, but we saw a big hand smashing the board from above. It came down and punched through the entire board. It didn’t look like a human hand, but like a monster’s claw! The claws grabbed the edge of the board and then pulled it up hard. The entire thick board was torn apart by the claws, leaving a big hole. Then a pair of green eyes appeared in the darkness, as if dotted in the black night. The strange fire in the sky.
“What the hell!”
The fat man picked up the demon hunting crossbow we brought back from Taibai Mountain. Shooting an arrow at the strange fire above his head, the opponent immediately dodged and made a strange roar.
“Luo Qiong, go up first and stabilize the situation. We must have been discovered, we can’t hide here!”
I shouted, and Luo Qiong grabbed the walls on both sides and climbed up with a few flips. I followed closely, climbed up, and threw the rope ladder prepared next to me into the basement. While the fat man grabbed the rope ladder and climbed up little by little, I looked ahead with the demon hunting crossbow in hand. Something was moving in the darkness, crawling back and forth like a wild beast in the jungle, but nothing could be seen except those terrible eyes.
the low roar came again, and Luo Qiong who heard the sound said in surprise: “This sounds like the roar of a tiger.”
/the roar suddenly became louder, and then a black figure came straight towards us from the sky, I immediately shot an arrow. I used an explosive arrow. Because the opponent was relatively close to me, the arrow hit the opponent steadily. At close range, I saw the flash of tiger skin stripes on the opponent’s body, and then the opponent fell into the darkness. . The explosive arrow exploded, and Luo Qiong shouted: “Haha, Brother Shan is awesome!”
The broken wood on the ground was ignited, and the fat man climbed up from the basement with great effort. Holding up the demon-hunting crossbow, I shouted, “Where is it?”
I pointed in front of me, where I saw a tiger lying on the ground, but its figure was smaller. The flames surrounded it but did not damage it at all. The power of the explosive arrows was obviously offset by the opponent.
“Tiger man!”
The fat man and I had an idea. If we guessed correctly, the guy in front of us should be the tiger man from the information Zhong Yong brought, and he was proficient in magic. A cold killer.
Although the opponent was very strong, I couldn’t help but feel gla