r a long time.”

r a long time.”
When he didn’t see a familiar figure, Xizi gave up looking and took the commander with him with a shrug. Shuai walked towards the bus ticket office: “Maybe I’m saying hello to the people next to me. I don’t know many people, so it’s a coincidence that it’s a sunny day.”
Shuai Shuai was silent for a moment and nodded in agreement.
Arrival Gate 3.
Lu Li retracted his waving hand and asked awkwardly to the two women beside him: “Although he looks a lot darker and a little more earthy, I will never mistake him. That person is the handsome guy.”
Juliet and Dong Lingyun looked at each other, He nodded hesitantly, it had been so long, who could remember so clearly.
Lu Li pushed the luggage trolley and said with a handsome smile: “No matter what, thank you for coming to pick me up.”
“Well” Juliet and Dong Lingyun looked at each other again and pointed to the pile of luggage not far away with a dry smile, “We have just arrived, too. I came over to say hello when I saw you.”
“Why didn’t you call me by my name?” Lu Li’s face turned red. He followed the two women to the luggage pile and formally extended his hand:
“Lu Li, 99. The singer of the third song of the flash mob is a PhD student at Huaqing University and Berlin University of Technology, assistant to the design director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars. ”
Juliet put away her smile, stretched out her hand and said:
“Juliet, Dong Lingyun, 99 flash mob dancers, Hangzhou University, Internship in aerospace science and engineering, PhD candidate at MIT and California Institute of Technology, third-level researcher at Blue Origin in the United States. ”
Lu Li has never failed like this .
Destiny is a wonderful thing.”
Yesterday, you changed our destiny.
Today, we will stand by your side.
let’s welcome a better
tomorrow together.
Zhao Song, here we come.
“Next, please listen to the joy ahead.”
“Interrupting a road condition forecast, I received a notice from the Beijing Traffic Command Center:
/Due to the impact of international business activities, from 13:00 to 14:00 this afternoon, there will be traffic from Zhongguancun Bridge on North Fourth Ring West Road to Dian Traffic control measures are in place on Haiqiao’s auxiliary road from east to west.
Drivers are asked to plan their routes and make a detour in advance:


the car door opens.
Xingsheng and Zhao Rong, who had basically stayed up all night, walked tiredly to the hotel.
“Hi, Nancy, where have you been?”
The blond Nancy nodded to Zhao Rong, and then said rudely to Xingsheng:
“Although I am free to go wherever I go, I still have to tell you, The breakfast in this hotel is terrible. ”
“Uh, I’m sorry.”
Xingsheng apologized awkwardly. After Zhao Rong finished the translation, he wanted to say something. Nancy ignored him and walked into the elevator. .
Looking at the ghost girl’s back uncertainly, Xingsheng hooked his hand, and the doorman on the side immediately came forward.
“When did she leave?”
“Boss, we didn’t see it. W