nior Du smiled awkwardly: “As you know, the members don’t have any ill intentions. It’s just that Xiaoyu is so cute that I can’t help but tease him.”

nior Du smiled awkwardly: “As you know, the members don’t have any ill intentions. It’s just that Xiaoyu is so cute that I can’t help but tease him.”
/Zhao Song nodded and walked out of the club like a zombie. When he met Xiaoyu who had finished washing, he just nodded numbly.
Xiao Yu waved her hands vigorously behind Zhao Song until he disappeared.
Frowning, he walked into the club and saw Senior Du’s guilty eyes.
Walking over, Xiao Yu said viciously: “Grandson, are you looking for a poke?”

Zhao Song walked into the classroom with the bell ringing.
Xiaoyong did not occupy the table, and sat pitifully in the back row with Xiaoyan. Zhao Song helplessly sat next to him.
The teacher on the podium was already in place, and it was the same teacher whose voice sounded like a mosquito. Zhao Song asked the classmates sitting in the back that when the teacher was in a bad mood and the voice was at the lowest level, most people could not hear it, rather than hearing it clearly.
“Zhao Song, during the class meeting, our Zhu class and the class leader next door, Tongtong, specifically asked me to stay.”
“What’s the matter?”
“Let’s go on a spring outing. The two classes in the accounting department have some disagreements.”
“Then we’ll go out separately. Well, what does it have to do with me? I’m not going.”
Li Yong said helplessly, “Just stay, otherwise the two monitors will blame me again.”
Zhao Song looked at his watch and saw that 5 minutes had passed since the class . Now, the female lecturer on the stage is immersed in reading the textbook, her mouth moving slightly.
She looked at Xiaoyong in confusion and asked, “Where’s the lecture?”
Xiaoyong looked ahead with a blank expression, and Xiaoyan said with a wry smile: “It looks like there’s a lecture!”
“Oh my God!” Zhao Song rolled up the textbook and wanted to smash it. I went over, thought about it, pushed away the table and left.
“Wow~” The huge noise attracted the attention of the whole class.
Zhao Song ignored everyone’s gaze and walked straight to the door.
I don’t want to blame others, but in my previous life, it was you, a newly graduated girl, who made me completely lose interest in professional courses.
I have been trembling for more than half a year, and now I am a little younger on campus.
The matter didn’t even make waves. Director Guo called Zhao Song “immature”, and Zhao Song accepted it humbly.
Another consequence is that the class meeting is advanced.
The class meeting was very harmonious, with no quarrels or intrigues. Finally, with the persuasion of the two class leaders, we collectively agreed that the location of the spring outing should be placed in the “Bada”.
Zhao Song was very pleased. This is what college students should do, put aside common ground and seek differences, and put other thoughts into use in society.
Then reality hit him hard.
Before the meeting ended, someone spoke.
“Wait a minute, monitor.” It was Zhang Tao from class one.
“I have two questions for Zhao Song. One i