er round and fleshy little hand, Zhao Song took her to the small courtyard where she rented in her previous life. Although it was next to the village in the city, it was also close to the teaching building of Peking University. It was a private courtyard. The door was locked after 10 pm. Very safe. Zhao Song knew the temperament of the old landlord, and soon got to know the landlord who was easy to talk to. He chose the master bedroom for Yuanyuan that made her envious in her previous life. It has a small bathroom and a CRT TV, and costs 400 yuan a month. , bet one and pay one.

After briefly cleaning up, Zhao Song hugged Yuanyuan and said: “We are partners now. The rent is mine until we break up. You have to understand my machismo. No matter how much I have, I can’t give you anything! We are in Kyoto together. Strive to take root here!” Looking at Yuanyuan with red eyes and nodding vigorously, Zhao Song continued: “Your uncle’s status in the Zhonghai Zhongyuan Gang is not low, otherwise your little counter would not have been peaceful for so long. It’s a prime location. Since he doesn’t care whether he makes money or not, you can ask your uncle if you can rent it by yourself next spring, and we can sleep together and do business together.”
The gold counter in Yuanyuan really only sells wires and nothing else, so he probably really doesn’t care about the income. Since Yuanyuan has this background, Zhao Song is also willing to participate in small stocks and make a small amount of money. As for making big money? He was afraid that the Zhonghai gang would tear him apart.
“Don’t be idle every day. Things called USB flash drives have appeared sporadically on the market recently. If you have nothing to do, go and learn about them. When you see your uncle, we will tell you to become a secondary agent to sell this.”
/Yuanyuan nodded: “My uncle should know. He comes back about once every half month, takes a few big bags of something called memory, and distributes it to several counters to sell.”
Zhao Song’s scalp went numb after hearing this. He didn’t expect Uncle Yuanyuan to be such a person. Parallel import memory, 90% of the memory in the installed market is this stuff, and the remaining 8% is second-hand memory, and the rest is the so-called Licensing, the leading financial product in the electronic market, before Zhao Song was reborn, the big guys were speculating on memory at least once a year. It was as if the price doubled or plummeted. The key is that this thing is not illegal.
“Then ask as I say. When your uncle asks about me, tell the truth. Don’t touch his business either. You are too soft-tempered and not suitable for this.”
Zhao Song also gave up his plan to make a small amount of money, and continued: “The USB flash drive is not very eye-catching now. With your second uncle, you can definitely win over the second-level agents. The whole China Shipping can take goods from you. You Even if you gain a foothold, I won’t get involved, he can handle everything for you!”
A little girl like Yuanyuan was bo