uo Tian raised his head and looked at the super giant crocodile dragon in front of him. He was shocked beyond words.

uo Tian raised his head and looked at the super giant crocodile dragon in front of him. He was shocked beyond words.
“Master Liu’s transformation is obviously a monster!” Anna corrected Guo Tian. At this time, she felt that the super giant crocodile dragon transformed by Master Liu was not very scary, but rather cute.
When a monster suddenly changes from an enemy to one of our own, the difference is huge.
/“Everyone, get out of the way! Let Mr. Liu use his fists and kicks!” Liu Kang, Jin Xiaofei and others maintained order and asked the stunned people to retreat back, leaving room for Liu Gan to fight and move. Otherwise, if he was If Liu Gan’s claws were scratched, it would be a serious consequence of death or injury!
The team members who followed Liu Gan to Moon Bay Paradise soon understood what was going on after seeing this scene. This must be the superpower or treasure that Liu Gan got in the copy of Moon Bay Paradise. It was probably Summoning a super giant crocodile dragon and the like comes in handy at this time!
Looking at the ant-like legion members on the ground and the fog mask that suddenly became only as high as his knees, Liu Qian felt very strange in his heart. Now every time he waved his claw or stepped on his foot, the whole earth seemed to be shaking violently. I have to say that it felt really good to transform into a monster and wreak havoc.
It’s a pity that now is the critical moment of the battle. Otherwise, Liu Qian will definitely run to the central area of ??the city, sneak around the place with the most zombies, fly away hundreds of zombies with one claw, and knock over a skyscraper with one kick. As long as he doesn’t encounter Ultraman, he can do whatever he wants, no one can control him.
Of course, even if he meets Ultraman, this monster will rush up and kick his asshole. Who stipulates that monsters must be beaten to death by Ultraman?
It’s better to stop fantasizing and get down to business.
After the other team members retreated, Liu Gan controlled the body of the super-giant crocodile dragon and tried to hit Chen Dengwen’s fog mask with his thick tail. Sure enough, as expected, the damage caused by the super-giant crocodile dragon’s tail whip was very powerful. Each strike made a violent explosion in the air, which seemed to be caused by the speed breaking through the sound barrier.
Each of these extremely sharp tail blows also caused great damage to Chen Dengwen’s fog shield. In just ten seconds, the fog shield weakened for several minutes, and it seemed that the remaining fog shield was also weakened. I can only manage to hold on for less than two minutes!
“Suppress it!”
At a certain moment, Chen Dengwen’s fog mask suddenly became much weaker, reducing the time the fog mask could last by nearly one-third! Obviously the super giant crocodile dragon just used some powerful attack skills!
/What Liu Gan used just now was actually the mental suppression of the super giant crocodile dragon. Although it could not attack Chen Dengwen in the fog mask, it could cause