actress. The photos of her have been released.”

actress. The photos of her have been released.”
The president turned around and asked in surprise: “You mean she hasn’t debuted yet?”
“That’s right!” Kimura nodded, and then said in a dumbfounded voice: “Then let Zhao Songjun from the flower grower come. I came across it. In my opinion, that Zhao Song is completely a player. Now I believe that he came up with that genius vibration ring idea!”
The president nodded slightly and ordered: “Give Natsume Nana a call. Call and ask her to be ready to receive guests.”
The president nodded, then turned to the door and knocked gently!
“Dong Dong Dong~”
“Dong Dong Dong~”
“Dong Dong Boom~”
“No one is in the room!” At this time, a roar came from the room.
The president’s face was covered with black lines. He replaced his fingers with his palms and patted down hard.
“Bang bang bang~”

In the room, Zhao Song looked at the timid girl, and then listened to the endless knocks on the door outside, feeling angry in his heart.
This is Sawai Mei! The golden lock of the island country before debut! Let me, who is so lucky, come across it!
I knew it was definitely not that simple. Zhao Song curled his lips helplessly and walked towards the door. If he had known better, he would not have been reserved and started the game directly!
When the door opened, the president bowed ninety degrees to Zhao Song.
“Hello Zhao Songjun, I am SOD President Masaya Takahashi. I am very sorry for disturbing your interest.”
Looking at the group of people outside the room, Zhao Song shrank his neck and said quickly: “Takahashi Jun, please Come in.”
Takahashi Masaya awkwardly pointed at Zhao Song’s naked body, “Zhao Songjun, how about we wait outside the door for a while?”
“Uh~” Takahashi Masaya was speechless for a while. Is it used like this?
After waving to his men, he walked into the room alone. Looking at the neat beds, he let go of his worries a little. When his eyes fell on the woman in the room, the anger in his belly suddenly rose up. stand up.
“What is this?”
“Themed underwear!”
“Another cooperation project you mentioned in your previous email?”
Zhao Song said while putting on his clothes and pants: “That’s right! Mr. Takahashi, why don’t you come here so late? Is it just for this underwear ?”
/Takahashi Masaya took a closer look at Mei Yi’s underwear before shaking his head and saying, “Zhao Songjun, this girl is not yet an adult. If you touch her, we will both be in big trouble. ” What
?” Zhao Song looked at Yayi in shock. It’s such a large scale and you haven’t grown up yet? Then he quickly shook his head, “I didn’t touch it, I didn’t touch it! I just finished changing my clothes, and you’re here before I even put on my shirt!”
“Pfft~” Yayi next to her couldn’t help laughing. This tall flower farmer What people call a shirt is a suit and tie on the upper body and nothing on the lower body.
Hearing this, Takahashi Masaru was completely relieved, “That’s good, Zhao Songjun, this time, our SOD will compensate you. After a while,”