hard work, I will treat you to McDonald’s later.”

hard work, I will treat you to McDonald’s later.”
“Oh yeah~”
Zhao Song said amid cheers Walk towards the elevator.
/Zhongyou top floor conference room.
Zhao Song looked at the twelve girls staggering around, and felt a surge in his heart.
Haitian Xiangyun is so beautiful on them. Zhao Song doesn’t feel guilty at all for copying HNA’s fifth-generation uniform. Damn it, who asked HNA to temporarily increase the price? A man from Yazhou to Kyoto The price of the small economy class cabin was temporarily increased to 5,000, making Zhao Song Huabei unable to afford it even with the remaining quota.
Putting aside his random thoughts, Zhao Song said with a smile: “Thank you for your hard work, everyone. Just sit down and listen to me.”
“Zhao Song, we didn’t want to stand up.” Yu Li said jokingly.
Zhao Song glared at Yu Li with a black line on his face, “Senior Yu Li, I think it’s better for a girl like you with bold movements to wear leggings.”
“Ah~ gangster!”
Zhao Song quickly dodged the paper ball, Then he said seriously: “Although we have talked about it many times, I still want to tell you again. In the future, you will grow up in an environment of criticism, condemnation, and crusade. Are you ready?”
Wan Qin said with a smile: “We are not children anymore, don’t worry. And the teachers at the school support us to explore a different path.”
Zhao Song nodded, “I hope that when you really experience it, you will still be so free and easy. Now that you have decided, The contract has been signed, so in the next month, you will undergo closed training for two purposes. First, no matter what your level is, you must play truthfully on any occasion in the future, and
second, one month later, We will go to the island country, and the Twelve Girls Band will make their debut in the island country. ”
Cash: 900,000 yuan
/for a stage performance in modern society. Twelve young and beautiful girls, whether they are holding national instruments or not, as long as they are on the stage, There will definitely be some flesh exposed. If he makes his debut in China, Zhao Song has already thought about how those old scholars will scold him.
Furthermore, the battlefield of the Twelve Girls Band has never been in the country!
night, the hustle and bustle in reality finally transferred to the Internet, and the IT forum that had been calm all day seemed to have exploded.
“I don’t know whether to buy a computer and get a wonderful concert performance as a gift, or watch a concert performance and get a computer, or both!”
“I thought Frozen was beautiful enough, but I didn’t expect there would be another one. Twelve more beautiful women!”

Twelve girls are beautiful, doesn’t anyone think their clothes are more beautiful? It’s a waste for Tesla to use such beautiful clothes as uniforms.” Haunted!”
“Upstairs, upstairs, upstairs, why can’t I understand?”
“Pay attention to Kyoto TV in the past two days. I saw them filming the Tesla event in Xidan today. It should be broadcast soon! I hop