reaming like this, they will probably attract a lot of zombies.” Jiang Jinyuan came over and gave Liu Gan some advice.

reaming like this, they will probably attract a lot of zombies.” Jiang Jinyuan came over and gave Liu Gan some advice.
He didn’t see clearly how the two sides fought before, and it felt very strange for Liu Gan to cut off the hands and feet of the brothers who wanted to join them without saying a word. But now that things are like this, what he can do to help these brothers is to help them get rid of their pain as soon as possible.
Liu Gan didn’t say a word, and walked straight over to pick up the fire ax that had just cut off Chen Chen’s calf. For those who wanted to kill him for no reason, he would not let them go so easily without asking them clearly.
At this moment, Liu Qian’s enhanced sense of smell seemed to smell something. He frowned slightly and followed the smell to a restaurant on the street. He kicked open the door of the restaurant and looked inside. .
Liu Gan saw a tied up mother and daughter in the restaurant. Their mouths were tied up with random cloth and they couldn’t speak. Their bodies were struggling. Seeing Liu Qian come in, the two of them looked at him for help, but their eyes were more filled with fear, because they didn’t know who the person who came in was.
Liu Gan walked over and untied the messy strips of cloth from Cheng Qi’s mouth. When he was about to ask something, Cheng Qi spoke to him urgently.
“Please help us,” Cheng Qi begged Liu Qian. The man’s face looked very fierce. She didn’t know if he was a more evil person than Zhao Hui, but now she had no other choice.
/“Did those two men outside tie you up here?” Liu Gan asked Cheng Qi.
“Yes.” Cheng Qi nodded and looked at Liu Gan with fear. She was in a closed restaurant just now, and she seemed to hear someone screaming outside, and she didn’t know who was screaming. After Liu Gan opened the door of the restaurant, it sounded like Zhao Hui and the two were screaming. Could it be that this man beat those two people?
I don’t know if I and my daughter have been rescued, or if we have fallen into another more terrifying fire pit. However, no matter how perverted this man is, he can’t be as perverted as Zhao Hui just now, right?
“What do you need me to do for you?” Liu Qian asked Cheng Qi.
“Please let my daughter go, I am willing to do anything for you.” Cheng Qi obviously misunderstood Liu Qian’s kindness. As a powerless woman, when faced with two evil forces, she can only choose the lesser of the two evils. Now it doesn’t matter what outcome she will end up in. She just wants her daughter to get out of the pit of fire.
Liu Gan frowned, turned around and walked out of the restaurant without saying anything. Cheng Qi became desperate again when she saw that Liu Gan did not untie the rope from her body. In the end of the world, except for her own relatives, no one can be trusted and relied on. Why should others save her and help her? Maybe this man is more cruel than the previous two men?
/Liu Qian walked out of the restaurant and came back shortly after. When he came back, he was holding a screaming Zhao Hui in one