just one more rule, no takeout is allowed.

just one more rule, no takeout is allowed.
Mr. Zheng still looked calculating and leisurely.
Sitting lazily on the old man’s chair all day long eating chicken feet. I don’t know where he got so many chicken feet.
Most of winter passed quickly.
Wei He’s energy and blood took a further step, slowly moving towards perfection.
Although slow, it is very steady. After all, he has already accumulated all the realm-breaking beads. Now, as long as he accumulates his energy and blood to the maximum, he can successfully break through the cowhide and take another step forward.
Hope is right in front of him, coupled with the subtle progress he can feel every day, this gives Wei He the pleasure of playing games in his previous life.
In the blink of an eye, winter has passed, and the weather does not show the coldness of winter at all, it is still hot.
The weird weather has caused the water level of Feiye River to drop by more than half. The water in the river is getting turbid.
There is less and less food on the market.
The food and meat Wei He received from the Cheng family every month also began to decrease. Obviously Yonghe Escort Agency is also having some difficulties.
Cheng Shaojiu had told him several times about this. The escort agency had received escorts very frequently before, but most of them were human escorts, that is, escorting living people away.
And most of them are settled with other things as collateral. Now the frequency has dropped, and people in the outer city who can walk can all walk about the same.
The rest are those who don’t want to leave, and those who are unable to leave. Business has also deteriorated.
/But there will definitely be no shortage of them. This is what Cheng Shaojiu promised.
Wei He also asked his second sister to start supplying steamed buns in limited quantities every day, and at the same time, he began to stock up on grain and meat.
But it seems that everyone is doing this, and the food and meat on the market are sold out as soon as they appear.
When we arrived at Wei Ying’s bun shop later, we didn’t dare to open it. Once it opened, it was robbed of all its stock within a few minutes.
The dream of making a bun shop has come to an end.
Every day in Ishibashi Town, people lie in corners and in the sewers, motionless and never to move again.
The stray dogs also disappeared one after another. Most of them were probably beaten to death and eaten.
There was a sound of water, and a large basin of yellow and turbid river water was poured into a larger wooden basin.
A piece of thin cloth for filtering was placed in the wooden basin. Two strong women, one on each side, stretched out their hands to pull up the thin cloth and let the turbid river water slowly drip down.
This is filtering the water.
The weather is dry, and the Feiye River is getting shallower and muddier. It is impossible to use it without filtering it.
Then there is a person on the side who scoops out the filtered water and pours it into the prepared carbon-stuffed bamboo