to come up with a reasonable and effective tactic now.” Liu Gan shook his head.

to come up with a reasonable and effective tactic now.” Liu Gan shook his head.
“Okay! Arrange your team’s followers to explore and clear the mines! Take turns to rush over one by one! Trigger all the mines leading to the magic cabinet at any cost! If the followers are dead, let the members of your team rush over one by one! There is no time! Hesitant!” Mint provided Liu Gan with a tactic.
/“What if they don’t want to?” Liu Gan asked Mint.
“If they don’t obey the command, I will take over control of their bodies and force them to do that!” Mint immediately answered Liu Gan.
“Take over control of their bodies? You can do this? Then why don’t you just take over the bodies of these defenders, so we don’t have to go through so much trouble?” Liu Qian heard what Bo Bo just said. I couldn’t help but be shocked. If it could take over their bodies at will, wouldn’t he also be in extreme danger?
“I can only control those people in my novice village. Even you and I can’t control it. How can we control these enemies?” Mint answered Liu Gan.
Although Liu Qian had many questions in his mind, now was obviously not the time to interrogate these matters in detail. It was better to quickly find a way to rescue Zhang Mengdi.
/Under Liu Qian’s order, Ke Ming first controlled Li Xuerao and walked deep into the Holy Sword Camp, letting him wade directly out of the mines with his body and open a way to rescue people.
What Liu Qian didn’t expect was that there seemed to be only the high-explosive landmine on the ground. Li Xuerao walked for dozens of meters without anything happening. After walking a few dozen meters further, he almost reached the building where Zhang Mengdi was imprisoned. Yes, Li Xuerao is still safe and sound.
Liu Qian hurriedly chased after him, preparing to go to Zhang Mengdi’s location to rescue people as soon as possible. However, when there were still more than ten meters between him and Li Xuerao, the explosion happened again, and Liu Qian was once again blown away by more than ten meters. meters in the air. Although he still used his own strength to avoid injury when he fell, his head was severely concussed again, and he couldn’t get up from the ground after trying for a long time.
After Liu Gan was blown away, a metal fortress quickly rose under the ground in front of Li Xuerao. A heavy machine gun barrel was protruded from it. The huge barrel rotated and instantly sprayed out more than a hundred high-damage rounds. Li Xuerao had no way to hide from the energy bullet, and even his armor was blown to pieces!
The heavy machine gun fortress immediately retracted into the ground after shooting Li Xuerao.
Mo Fan and others couldn’t help but be stunned. They didn’t expect that there was such a powerful defense inside the Holy Sword camp! This kind of defense simply cannot be broken through!
“What just blew you up was not a high-explosive mine, but a high-explosive bomb! And it was remotely controlled. The demolition soldiers should be hiding in the machine gun fortress. After discovering that