et me go up. They won’t attack me. I can go directly to the top of the mountain and kill their leader.” Yinhe asked Liu Gan for instructions.

et me go up. They won’t attack me. I can go directly to the top of the mountain and kill their leader.” Yinhe asked Liu Gan for instructions.
“No, the leader of this zombie is very strange. You might be in danger if you go up there.” Liu Gan shook his head. Although these zombies will not attack Yinhe on their own initiative, once Yinhe attacks their leader, the situation will be different. It’s the same, with numbers like theirs, even the Milky Way may die in their hands if they continue to attack.
Even a swarm of mosquitoes can kill an elephant, and compared to the strength of the Milky Way and these swarms, there is no such disparity between the strength of elephants and ants. This is too risky. Although Liu Qian was unhappy with the zombie leader, he couldn’t let Yinhe take such a risk.
“If it were a sunny day, we might be able to solve the problem by pouring some gasoline and setting fire to the forest. But it’s been raining now, so it’s obviously not a good time.” Wang Decheng muttered a few words, somewhat wanting to back off. In this situation, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to continue to stay here.
“How about I go up and do some reconnaissance to see what’s going on? If I don’t attack them, they probably won’t attack me.” Yinhe asked Liu Gan again for instructions.
/Liu Gan hesitated for a moment, and finally agreed. If Yinhe didn’t attack the leader, the other zombies probably wouldn’t attack her. By letting her go up the mountain, she could at least figure out what kind of monster was hiding on the top of the mountain. Maybe I can think of a way to kill it after dawn tomorrow.
After seeing Liu Qian’s promise, Yinhe immediately went up the mountain again. The zombies that rushed down were still climbing slowly to the top of the mountain. When Yinhe squeezed past them, they just glanced at her and occasionally yelled at her. In the future of Yinhe, Before taking the initiative to attack them, they really had no interest in the Milky Way, which was as cold as stone.
“Master Liu, Xiao Lu was killed when the howling sound continued. There was such a long distance between them. I felt that there was a strong possibility between the mutated zombie on the top of the mountain and the one that attacked Xiao Lu before. There is no connection.” Wang Decheng analyzed it to Liu Qian.
“Not necessarily, maybe it’s a plan to lure the tiger away from the mountain? We were attracted here, and we don’t know if anything happened at the hotel.” Han Guangming and Wang Decheng obviously had different opinions.
“There is Shengli at the hotel. He is brave and careful, so there shouldn’t be any problems.” Liu Gan shook his head. He was just more worried about Yinhe who had gone up the mountain. If she was trapped up there, he would do it anyway. You have to kill her and save her.
“This howling sound may contain some kind of summoning message, which has gathered all the nearby zombies to the top of the mountain. The one who can send out this summoning message is at least a mutated zombie, and it may even be an