on lord rushed into the flame vortex, struggling crazily to get back, but his huge body was forcibly pulled into the flame vortex as if being dragged by some terrifying monster. .

The moment the purple-eyed demon lord disappeared, Deidara decisively stopped casting the spell. A piece of flame dissipated with the wind, and the purple-eyed demon lord also disappeared.
After sending this purple-eyed demon lord to hell, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
The purple-eyed demon lords in the abyss can be regarded as the noble blood among the seventy-two demon races. Their most powerful thing is their bodies. Their strength is very terrifying. Their bodies can resist a spell of the same level without being seriously injured, and they can also He has a powerful innate ability and can summon the shadow of Evil Moon to escape.
General space abilities, teleportation, teleportation, and general space interference will render this space ability ineffective. Heaven-level experts almost all have the ability to open the door to space. As long as there are coordinates and there is not much interference, they can directly Teleport over.
/But this ability, except for mages who specialize in space, cannot be used in battle. The huge interference will make it impossible to open the space door. Even if it is barely opened, there is no telling where it will be teleported. It is possible to teleport directly to the ground or even the void.
However, the interference of this kind of violent magic power fluctuation is ineffective against the purple-eyed demons. They can easily summon the evil moon shadow and teleport away.
If you can’t kill him at once, you’ll be in trouble.
/He used the power of shadow to cover up the projection of the evil moon, making it impossible for the purple-eyed demon lord to teleport, and then opened the door to hell and sent this guy directly into hell.
I believe that those insidious and cunning devils in hell will be very happy to entertain this demon lord. If they don’t make a specimen of this purple-eyed demon lord and hang it on the palace gate, it would be considered a mistake for him
to solve the most difficult purple-eyed demon lord. The battle on the other side has almost come to an end.
A dozen little demon lords were unilaterally massacred by the three floating fortresses of the Sky City, plus Joey and his six others.
When Deidara and the three of them designed the purple-eyed demon lord, ten of the dozen little demon lords had already been killed.
Joey, Heron, and Sky Sword Master, each with a subordinate, cooperated to besiege the remaining small demon lords.
Joey’s starry sky reflection turned into a starry sky, surrounding a little demon lord. The endless stars seemed to light up in an instant, and the stars fell down one by one. In less than ten seconds, the little demon lord was His head was smashed.
Heron was hidden in the darkness, and a dark sky passed quickly. After more than ten seconds, a scream came out in the darkness, and the dark sky dissipated, revealing a littl