be stronger, but now Liu Gan is playing in the real world.

be stronger, but now Liu Gan is playing in the real world.
I don’t know if she felt something. The queen of the bee clan, who was frantically dismantling the Space Defense Headquarters of Area 51 and looking for the technology ball, suddenly turned around and looked at Liu Qian here. After realizing that the situation was not good, she immediately commanded her around. Thousands of bee fighters attacked Liu Gan.
Liu Gan mobilized the energy of the mother’s nest in Chen Haiwang’s body, put on the golden gloves and waved it gently in front of him. A huge energy palm with a diameter of several thousand meters was instantly formed, like an electric mosquito swatter blowing through the flying mosquitoes. The same, “Pap, Pap, Pap, Pap.” There was a chaotic sound, and the hundreds of fighter planes of the Bee clan were like mosquitoes being swatted by electric mosquito swatters. They made loud explosions and turned into fireworks in the air.
Liu Qian waved his palm again, and hundreds more bee fighters turned into fireworks in the air, but there were still dozens of fighters that had slipped through the net and rushed over, and fired a large number of polymerized photon shells at Chen Haiwang. .
Liu Qian had already erected an energy wall thousands of meters high in front of him, and covered Chen Haiwang with a copper wall and an iron wall. The polymerized photon shells fired by dozens of bee fighters that had slipped through the net all bombarded the energy wall. On the wall, large fireworks exploded on the energy wall, but they failed to penetrate the energy wall. Some of the bee fighter planes rushed too hard and had no time to turn around, so they directly hit the energy wall, knocking out more Big fireworks are coming.
/The Queen of the Bee Race realized that something was wrong and did not let the Bee Race fighter planes come over to die. Instead, she roared and rushed towards the energy wall herself. She also waved her claws and tentacles to hit the energy wall crazily, smashing a large number of particles on the energy wall. The ripples made the energy wall crumbling.
A giant energy palm appeared in the air and struck hard at the Bee Queen. The Queen’s body, which was hundreds of meters high, was suddenly struck and only a third of it was left. Several legs and countless tentacles were left fighting desperately. By supporting it, it was not completely flattened by this palm.
Liu Qian slapped it down again, and the force field armor outside the Bee Queen’s body made a terrifying sound of energy. The Bee Queen also let out a cry. It was obvious that it was about to reach its limit.
Just when Liu Qian was about to slap another palm, the body of the Bee Queen suddenly ejected backwards. With the help of the force of being slapped and squatting just now, her jump directly broke through the sound barrier and made a sound in the air. There was an explosion, and he jumped dozens of kilometers away in an instant, avoiding Liu Gan’s follow-up attacks.
At the same time, the bee mothership entrenched in the At