agicians, and their natural proficiency in dark spells has unparalleled power.

agicians, and their natural proficiency in dark spells has unparalleled power.
What Lin Yun is interested in is these dark spells
. The dark evil python is born with extremely mysterious lines. These lines are like the totems on the berserker. They are born with powerful power. The only difference is that the totem of the berserker is It brings incomparable physical strength, and the lines on the dark evil python will bring unparalleled magical power.
This means that
the python skin of the dark evil python itself is a rare magic material, and the older the darkness, the more powerful it is. The value of the evil python and python skin will be higher. In the hands of a skilled alchemist, these python skins can be easily used to make powerful magic weapons.
This was especially true for Lin Yun.
The lines on this python skin were already very deep. Lin Yun could tell at a glance that this was at least a level 32 or 3 dark evil python, although it was not as good as the legendary dark evil python. The King of Python is so terrifying, but it is completely enough to be used as one of the components of Doom’s staff.
While Lin Yun paused the auctioneer’s passionate introduction, he was mentally calculating how many gold coins he should spend to take a photo of the python skin of the dark evil python.
, at this moment, a young man wearing shining silver armor came over from a distance with a timid expression.
“Salon Charlotte, what are you doing!” William Mellin said It seems that the person stood up immediately: “You still want to cause trouble, don’t you? If I hadn’t begged you just now, you would have gone home and cried over the roasted pig’s trotters.”
“I” Sarenxia Lott was immediately startled. Seeing William Merlin like this, he was afraid to go any further for a moment. He just stood there with a timid expression on his face, and the expression on his face was even more aggrieved. How wronged he was: “I just wanted to come over and apologize.”
“Ah, apologize?” William Mellin was a little overwhelmed: “What are you apologizing for?”
“I have just reflected on it, and I want to apologize for my previous behavior. “It can be seen at this time that none of the young people from these big families are efficient. Even a guy like Saren Charlotte, who everyone calls an idiot, actually knows how to bend and stretch. reason.
After Saren Charlotte came over, she didn’t care what William Mellin and Rosmelin thought, and there were so many onlookers beside her. She threw herself directly in front of Lin Yun, wiping her tears and snot from her nose, and crying. He started wailing: “My lord, I was wrong. I was really wrong. I shouldn’t have offended you just now. You have a lot. For the sake of my youth and ignorance, just spare me this time.”
Suddenly , everyone was a little stunned, what is going on.
/William Merlin’s eyes almost fell off.
At first he thought he had seen it wrong, but after rubbing his eyes hard several times, he looked again and realized that yes, this was really Saren Char