ruments and data analysis, and even use manual judgment to determine the working status of the engine, etc.

ruments and data analysis, and even use manual judgment to determine the working status of the engine, etc.
All kinds of complicated knowledge were forced into the heads of a group of scientific illiterates. Liu Fei didn’t care. He had long been accustomed to this kind of learning mode that was crammed into his head. However, White Fang and the others were miserable. However, no matter how hard it was, We must also learn. Now, White Tooth Joseph and the others are convinced of Liu Fei. Everyone looks at Liu Fei with awe. In their eyes, Liu Fei is an omnipotent god.
Fortunately, the small bright light brain does not expect to mold a group of scientific illiterates into scientists in a short period of time, that is, to teach them the basic knowledge about how to control a spacecraft.
Of course, Xiao Qiang’s identity has not been revealed. It has been directing Liu Fei behind the scenes. Liu Fei is like a puppet, and Xiao Qiang is the person behind the puppet. When Xiao Qiang’s light brain pulls the string, Liu Fei will move, because , Liu Fei really has no interest in the knowledge related to spacecraft.
/After learning some basic spaceship driving skills, Liu Fei handed over the driving authority to Bai Ya. Naturally, Bai Ya didn’t know that there was an intelligent optical brain that controlled the flight of the shuttle from beginning to end. When he took over the driving After receiving the authority, he immediately felt a heavy responsibility. He was walking on thin ice and waited conscientiously in the main control room, not daring to leave even half a step. His eyes were fixed on the holographic image, for fear of any accident. He had no idea that there was something inside the main control optical brain. One guy laughed so hard looking at his nervous expression that
after handing over the driving authority to Bai Ya and the others, Liu Fei was alone in the cabin toying with things he was interested in. Of course, more often than not, Sit in meditation.
Liu Fei likes the practice of sitting quietly and breathing in. He can feel obvious changes in his body, especially the breath becomes farther and longer. He has tested it, and his longest breath exchange actually lasted twelve minutes. This has tripled compared to before.
In battle, long breath means having an absolute advantage, because breath is actually one of the manifestations of human endurance. In addition to lung capacity, it can also control the coordination of body organs, allowing the body to explode with more powerful power. .
When Casso taught Liu Fei anatomy, he once said that although the explosive power of carnivores is amazing, their endurance is far inferior to that of herbivores. This is one of the reasons why herbivores can survive under the eyes of eager predators.
If a carnivore has amazing explosive power and also has terrifying endurance, it will be a disaster for herbivores.
The Lifeng Beast is an example of this. In the Gale Wind Prairie, the Lifeng Beast stands at the top of the food chain. Its speed and super endur