his speed getting faster and faster. He had been fighting against opponents of equal or higher level before, so he couldn’t notice it.

his speed getting faster and faster. He had been fighting against opponents of equal or higher level before, so he couldn’t notice it.
Now that he has calmed down, facing ordinary mind-level masters and heart-level masters, he can fully show that his body skills are becoming more and more skillful and weird at this time.
After meeting so many people one after another, including Yi level, he never met anyone who could keep up with his speed. At most, they encounter guys who barely react and realize that they have been attacked, but more often they are killed without knowing how they died. There was no time to even react.
The bonus of 18 points of attribute damage is equivalent to increasing his sword speed and lethality by one-third on the normal basis of the original level.
/This is different from when he had a low base in the past. He is now the Dragon King Daoji, and his physical training and light kung fu are also top-notch. When he explodes, his instantaneous speed is equivalent to the level of the golden elixir stage.
Coupled with the enhanced attributes, that is to say, his speed at this time is already one-third faster than the normal Jindan Zhenren!
The power of attributes allows him to be much higher than his peers at every level.
When it comes to speed, a little faster is often the difference between life and death. And almost a third of the way out, this is almost an insurmountable gap.
/Fighting groups kept passing by around Lin Xin. At this time, almost all the fighting groups written on the blackboard were solved by him at high speed.
The Shining Club will be victorious!
He completely ignored the unspoken rules of Zhongfu. Normally, these kind of battles and melees would pit masters against masters, and the rest would each catch their own. But he is different.
Finally, with a slight jump, Lin Xin flew up, and flew straight into the air towards the old man in gray robe who was fighting against the magic weapon with the man in gray robe.
“You’re looking for death!” The old man had long noticed his figure leaping forward, and was being dragged down by his opponent. As a result, he could only watch helplessly as his own men below him were being slaughtered. He had already been filled with anger.
When he had the opportunity, he decided to take action with all his strength!
With a low roar, a dark blue shadow of the ocean appeared around the old man, roaring towards Lin Xin.
The phantom covered the entire sky, almost covering dozens of meters around it.
“What do you mean?” Lin Xin slapped the red flower sword, and the blade suddenly turned into a red line and shot out. A strong sadness spread immediately. The blade first floated in front of him for a while, and then suddenly shot out, It cut through the air with a piercing scream.
grumble! !
Like the song of birds, the red line was like a knife mark, instantly cutting through the shadow of the sea water, hitting the old man’s chest hard in the lightning flash.
Bang bang bang!
The layers of protective spiritu