andou Demon Sect. Basically all the people from the Demon Sect boarded the building ship.

andou Demon Sect. Basically all the people from the Demon Sect boarded the building ship.
A strong wind blew at the tip of the bow, making everyone’s robes rustle.
Lin Xin glanced at the other two building ships.
Er Qingnv and Old Man Honggui led the sect’s men respectively and stood at the bow of the boat, just like him. One has a calm expression, and the other has a solemn expression.
Look further down.
Under the boat, on the edge of the small lake, there were densely packed heads of people. There were thousands of people crowded into a small area.
“The auspicious time has arrived!!”
/Suddenly, a golden-armored guard slowly emerged from the green water column connected to the clouds in the sky, and shouted loudly while suspended in mid-air.
Lin Xin narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the golden armored guard.
The other party seemed to notice his gaze and nodded slightly towards him, which was very friendly.
/Guan Lao’s voice came from behind him.
“As expected, I, the veteran of the Yuandou Demon Sect, are in charge of the security work this time. No wonder the sect leader arranged for His Highness to personally come and preside over everything.”
“What’s the purpose?” Lin Xin asked slightly confused.
Guan Mingyue smiled.
“This three-level gold, silver and bronze guards are the Taoist guardians who guard the River Styx. They are composed of hermit masters stationed in Qianxiu cultivators sent by three major organizations including us. Among them, the golden-armored guards are all Yuan Jing, and the number is no less than ten. , and the silver armor and bronze armor are constantly increasing and decreasing, and except for the people stationed inside, no one else knows.”
He paused and continued facing the wind.
“If it is the turn of the golden-armored elder who is close to us to be responsible for guarding the Dao Code, then he will have a great advantage in the final allocation of the Styx River.”
Lin Xin nodded slightly, somewhat understanding. Although it was unclear what the specific effects of the Styx water were, at least he knew that it would be beneficial. There isn’t much time to elaborate at this point.
Focus on the green water column again.
There was a loud noise, like a huge wave crashing onto the shore.
A large number of lake currents below the water column converge towards the water column crazily. Under the attention of everyone, the entire water column became thicker and thicker, and its color became darker and darker.
The small lake below gradually exposed its dry lake bed.
The golden-armored veteran waved his hand, and a golden trident suddenly appeared in his hand, and then he held it down.
Bang! !
After a dull sound.
The entire thick green water column suddenly exploded.
Without making much noise, the upper half of the water column exploded directly, forming a huge wide round tray shape.
“Everyone can come to the stage on your own. No behavior that disrupts order is allowed. Anyone who violates the rules will be shot without mercy!” the