o stay in the villa.

o stay in the villa.
“I have just made a breakthrough not long ago. I am eager to test my strength, but I have made the sacrifices difficult.” Lin Xin said with a smile.
/“No, no, the master’s talisman skills are amazing. As a guest, it’s too late for me to be happy.”
Several people were polite.
After Lin Xin chatted with him for a few words, he found an excuse to leave the training ground, washed his face and wiped the sweat from his body.
Directly entered the underground secret room used for experimental retreats.
/The candlelight in the secret room was shaking, and someone had already arranged it here in advance.
Stepping into the secret room tunnel, after the stone door closed behind him, the ground buzzed with a large dark red pattern formation. Isolate all sound and breath fluctuations.
Lin Xin also wore a black robe and a jade mask, covering his entire body.
He walked along the passage for a distance, turning east and west, passing several forks, and going deeper and deeper.
Finally, after about a stick of incense, he walked to a brass door that was as tall as a person.
Reach out and push open the door.
After a dull rumble.
Outside the door stood two rows of more than a dozen men in black robes, all wearing silver masks.
Each of them has a vague aura, and their identity is unknown. But naturally it couldn’t be hidden from Lin Xin’s perception.
Among the people present, there were at least two masters at the Golden Core stage, and the worst ones were at the foundation building level.
This is the real team that fights against the Hua Family and the Jinyu Sect.
And that’s only part of it.
The Yanyang Clan, a terrorist organization that has become increasingly mysterious in Nanfu and has built the Light of Shadows, a huge killer platform, finally fully demonstrated its strength in front of Lin Xin.
At the front of the queue are the two left and right messengers. The shadow left messenger is a woman named Zhou Yuan. Cultivation into the Golden Core Stage.
The right envoy of the shadow is Rou Kui, the illegitimate brother of Patriarch Yuan Jing whom Liu Zong Liu Yuan recruited back then.
Among all the people present, he also had the highest cultivation level.
This person is indeed a person who repays his kindness. When Liu Zong Liu Yuan rescued his younger brother when he was in danger, he gave him various training books and resources to help him find his grandfather and return to his bloodline identity.
So he joined later and regarded Yanyang Sect as his second home. Without his support in the past four years, not only the Shadow Light would not be able to sustain it, but even Yanyang Sect might be suppressed into a corner without any support. develop.
In addition to Nan Shunqing’s suppression over the years, Yanyang Clan also has his firm control over the overall situation. Any betrayers who appear will be dealt with by the Law Enforcement Palace he established.
As for Liu Zong Liu Yuan, due to insufficient cultivation, he is not qualified to enter the queue.
Lin X