om other banquets.

om other banquets.
/Standing on the high platform were representatives of several major sects.
Shangyangzhu, Plum Blossom Goddess and others are waiting above.
The space of the banquet hall is equivalent to a conference hall that can accommodate tens of thousands of people practicing martial arts. In addition to the guest seats, there is a huge circular arena at the end.
After Lin Xin and others were introduced to the banquet, they sat and ate fruits, waiting for the birthday banquet to begin.
At the same time, his eyes fell on the disciple seat of the Songlin Sword Sect, where the six hall masters and six Jindan masters were.
/Among the disciples standing behind these real people, he found a few familiar faces.
Like Jonghyun standing behind an old man who had saved him once in the Human Face Fruit Case. Now I probably don’t recognize him. He was talking quietly to his fellow disciples beside him.
However, Sister Youxuan stood behind Zhentang Master, looking at his nose and heart, but she seemed not to see where he was.
Dugulin was sitting in the sword hall team seat, sitting side by side. He seemed to be distracted.
As one of the most elite disciples, she naturally has her own place to sit.
As for the rest of the people, Lin Xin didn’t recognize most of them. They were all new faces. It seemed that in just a few years, the sword sect had been updated at an extraordinary speed.
Groups of girls in red skirts walked out of the small door on the wall of the Taoist palace, gathered like flowing water in the middle of the banquet, and began to perform songs and dances.
The music sounded, and the fragrance of flowers spread invisible.
As the graceful figure of the dancer came and went, a huge dead branch as tall as a person appeared in the center.
The dead branch was as thick as a child’s arm, with two green leaves the size of a human head growing from the top, and the most conspicuous one was a longevity peach the size of a washbasin.
Master Taikun also walked slowly amidst the sounds of singing and dancing, and sat firmly on the throne with the support of a group of disciples.
He had a white beard on his face and was holding a cane. His whole body was shrouded in a layer of green light, making his appearance somewhat blurry.
But everyone could see that his face was expressionless and his expression was solemn.
“This birthday banquet seems to be full of joy, but I don’t know if Mr. Taikun will be able to smile in a while.”
On one of the high platforms, Zhao Yufeng, the elder of the Jinyu Sect, smiled and shook his head.
“Brother Zhao shook his head and laughed again. What is his attitude towards this birthday banquet? Tai Kun can’t laugh anymore.”
A man in green clothes on one side shook his fan and smiled.
“Brother Hua is coming too, and it will be really lively then.” Zhao Yufeng glanced at Master Taikun on the high platform, being carefully supported by two of his disciples.
“Suwen Taikun is known as the Gentleman’s Sword. If we say he is the most benevolent and righteous