nough demon talismans for your use.” At this time. He had vaguely guessed that the other party was probably also the son of Youfu.

“How long will it take for you to make one hundred demon talismans of ordinary nature?” Lin Xin narrowed his eyes.
“Well, one hundred yuan is a big sum for our clan. To be honest, our clan’s production of demon talismans is like human blood transfusion. A part of the renewable blood essence is extracted in a short period of time, combined with faith and willpower. Only in this way can the demon talisman be made. If it happens too often, I’m afraid it will be exhausted.”
Lin Xin casually threw away the son of Youfu leader. I was immediately interested.
“So, you can continue to create demon talisman species without too much cost?”
“It can be said that seniors should know the demon talisman species. In fact, for us , there are four divisions, which are also the corresponding Zhongfu Layer division method,” explained Diaboloding.
“Level division method? Tell me about it.”
Lin Xin said with great interest.
“The first-level, second-grade tribesman’s product is an ordinary black demon talisman. It is everywhere. It is not surprising. It can be seen in many remote places. Generally, any second-grade tribesman can find it in one place. Make a piece every year,”
Diabolo said carefully.
“The second level is light gold, which requires a tribesman with at least a third-grade cultivation level, and it takes one year to condense it.”
“The third level is dark gold, which requires at least a fourth-grade tribesman, and one year. It takes time to create it, and among our clan, there are only a handful of people who can reach the fourth level.” Diaozhuding said helplessly. “Generally, such beings have to protect their own tribe and maintain peak strength at all times, so there is no chance of continuously gathering dark gold demon talisman species for sale. Naturally, this type of demon talisman species is the rarest and most precious.”
“Then what follows next What about Level 4?”
Lin Xin heard this level of production for the first time.
/“The fourth level is something that can only be made by the fifth-grade tribesmen. It is called the Evil God Yuan Fei. It is a powerful sacrificial product that condenses the fifth-grade essence and spirit. Even we have only seen records in legends.”
Diabolo Keep your voice down.
“Sure enough,” Lin Xin also predicted in his heart. If the evil god Yuan Fei was still capable of being produced by the ancient demon clan, it would have been captured by those top Yuan Jing and enslaved long ago. How could there be a chance to hide in this small restricted area? Recuperate in space.
“Then how many kinds of demon talismans can you provide me at most?” Lin Xin wanted to find the ancient demon clan, and it was also because people like him were robbing each other everywhere. In the end, they would get less and less, and it would become more and more difficult. In the end, they would definitely appear. If the bottleneck or difficulty cannot be overcome