The giant python roared and quickly grew in size. In the blink of an eye, it circled around him and became several times larger than both of them.
In particular, the giant python’s mouth opened wide and was actually larger and taller than Yuzi’s entire body.
The blue dragon and the giant python collided violently.
The sky and the earth exploded into blue and black.
The two great ancestors fought wildly.
Golden lotuses and planet fragments continued to burst out from between their bodies.
From time to time, there will be blue light pillars and black giant pythons waving their tails.
The two of them fought with fists and mouths, with speed and strength, and the sound of the aftermath caused the surrounding abyss space to tear apart and create cracks.
The milky white sea water rolled and roared, raising huge waves thousands of meters high.
But in front of the two great ancestors, they are like water splashes in the cup under their feet. No matter how much they roll, they just wet their shoes.
Lin Xin watched as the two great ancestors fought each other, crashed through the space again, disappeared into the black hole and disappeared.
When I last saw them, both of them were seriously injured.
Some parts of the body also have faint bloody cracks.
Seeing this, Lin Xin’s eyes suddenly hurt on his chin. Everything in front of me suddenly disappeared.
He was still suspended in front of the black hole, and below him were the huge waves that were being pulled by the pulling force and rolling continuously.
“We have already reached this point. Daozu is my only hope of catching up with Jiuse and the others.”
His heart skipped a beat, and he threw himself into the black hole again.
This time, a strong sense of weightlessness filled my whole body.
It was pitch black all around, and not even light could escape the black hole.
This is a means of recovery and self-healing formed spontaneously by the space universe, and light is also a necessary nutrient. Naturally there is no way to escape.
Lin Xin was falling rapidly, and he didn’t know how long it had been.
One year?
Two years?
ten years?
Or twenty years?
He gradually lost track of time. The whole person was immersed in the enlightenment of Taishang Yueyue Divine Wind Sword.
/There is still no clue about the next stage of Sword of Fear.
But this kind of profound and boundless loneliness is just right for him to comprehend the sword art.
It just flew and fell hazily for a long time.
I don’t know how long the day lasted.
A faint light finally appeared below.
Lin Xin’s eyes, which had been closed for a long time, slowly opened.
He stared at the white light, put more force behind his back, and flew towards the light at full speed.
It’s like breaking a thin film.
Lin Xin’s eyes lit up.
Only then did he realize that he was standing on a wet hilly mud ground.
The sky was gray and overcast, and the ground was covered with rolling black hills that stretched far into the distance.
On the hills in the dis