didn’t have the energy to observe his surroundings at this time. Instead, he held his head and roared.

didn’t have the energy to observe his surroundings at this time. Instead, he held his head and roared.
Countless information was being poured into his mind at a crazy speed and intensity.
At the same time, it is also refreshing all the memories he has mastered.
It seems that he is not the only one receiving this infusion of information.
He soon heard the screams of Divine Ancestor Yan Naiya and Tianyin Dragon King, Nine Colors Fang Yu not far away.
The infusion of information was one thing. Amidst the screams, Lin Xin seemed to see the inner wall of the passage in a trance.
Clusters of green light spots seemed to be attracted by the sound and slowly flew towards them.
As the light spot continued to approach, Lin Xin felt a creepy sense of crisis suddenly arise in his heart. Because he had condensed the sword of fear, he would not have fear.
But there is still a sense of crisis and threat in the face of horrific death. This is the same ability as early warning.
The divine ancestor Enaya floating in the front seemed to be suffering more painful torture, completely unaware of these boiling green light spots.
Soon, a small cluster of green light approached her.
Although Lin Xin could only see a little bit of Yan Naiya’s back, he could still clearly see the green light falling on her.
Yan Naiya suddenly burst into laughter.
/“Big Universe! I’m here!! I’m finally out!!! Hahahahaha!!” She laughed wildly, as if she had fallen into some inexplicable hallucination.
Then, there was no more.
Yan Naiya’s whole body suddenly burned and turned into a ball of green fire. In the blink of an eye, it burned into white ash and disappeared.
Only at the last moment, Lin Xin could faintly feel the sudden awakening consciousness of the ancestor Yan Naiya. She finally wanted to struggle, but it was too late.
A top Taoist ancestor just disappeared? !
Lin Xin was shocked.
Divine Ancestor Yan Naiya was a terrifying existence who refined more than ten layers in front of the abyss into ribbons. Could it be that he was wiped out so easily and without any struggle?
He couldn’t believe it.
Moreover, this passage seems a little weird.
If it weren’t for the fact that he was not controlled by the will of destruction, he would be able to judge that he was out of the black universe.
I am afraid that I am not sure where I am now and whether I have entered the door of transcendence.
What surprised him was that Fang Yu, Jiuse, and Tianyin Dragon King, who were floating in front of him, seemed to have not seen the ending of the divine ancestor Yan Naiya in front of him.
There was still a satisfied smile on his face at this time.
However, except for the ancestor Yan Naiya, the other people seemed to be just outside the green light hunting range.
After Green Light ate Yan Naiya, he looked greedily at the other people, as if he wanted to pass by, but there seemed to be some distance blocking their progress.
When they were still a short distance away from the Tianyin Dragon King at the front,