in Xin said silently.

in Xin said silently.
He vaguely felt that the level involved in this situation was so vast that he could not imagine it.
“But” Feng Huai suddenly thought of something.
“But what?”
“There is also a possibility for your sister. Since you came here on your own initiative, your appearance will definitely lead her away from here and away from Song Danhao. In other words, your sister may also be accidentally killed. Involved intruders,”
Feng Huai analyzed.
Lin Xin was a little confused by what he said.
“This involves the sect’s game, a war that has been going on since ancient times, but it has never stopped. Heavenly Lord, Demon God, Demon God, Evil God. We don’t have to worry so much. Working hard is the right way.”
Feng Huai smiled. Laugh and laugh at yourself.
“Maybe.” Lin Xin smiled, but his mood could not be relaxed.
Compared with these huge and awe-inspiring situations, he is just an ordinary monk who is worried about his relatives and the people he values.
Even if you have some trump cards and some talents, so what.
In the torrent of changes in countless worlds, he is just one of the many living beings.
The world will not stop changing just because there is one more of him.
“That’s right.” Feng Huai grabbed a piece of pastry that appeared in front of the two of them, put it into his mouth and chewed it. “Brother Lin, who is the person behind you? Can you reveal a little bit about his name?”
Lin Xin was stunned.
“Who’s behind me?”
Seeing that he was stunned and his expression didn’t seem to be fake, Feng Huai was also in a daze.
“Don’t you know? When I used my magic weapon to cut off the Cailin Dragon Demon’s claws, I felt a trace of your breath remaining. There is another force entrenched in your purifying fire that may be activated at any time. ”
Really?” Lin Xin felt a little bad. He didn’t like this ignorance.
Deep in the distant void, inside a floating white palace.
The ancient and huge stone pillars are covered with white and exquisite simple patterns.
Large majestic runes are carved on the flat jade ground, and faint golden lights dance in the air from time to time.
she couldn’t help but gasp.
Countless consciousnesses gather and communicate here.
One of them conveyed a scene, causing golden light spots to suddenly condense, forming a gold-rimmed oval mirror.
The mirror was held by an old man with a white gemstone between his eyebrows.
/“It seems that such pure purification power is at the fifth level. It is really rare.”
The old man’s appearance is no different from ordinary people, but there is one difference.
There were no pupils in his eyes, and they were completely filled with white light.
Ten more men, women and children wearing various clothing styles appeared in the palace.
They all have one thing in common, that is, their eyes are completely white, with no whites, no pupils, and nothing else but white light.
“He seems to have provoked some people, the Cailin Dragon Demon of the Nightmare Realm?”
The old man looked at the scenes displayed