ain the aliens’ overwhelming charge and killing.

ain the aliens’ overwhelming charge and killing.
People kept rushing out of the buildings with various weapons and joined the crowds on the street to fight against the aliens, forming a huge crowd. Judging from the number, humans actually had the upper hand.
/Watching the fierce battle between the crowd and the aliens, Liu Fei felt his blood boiling for a moment.
This large-scale fierce confrontation accelerated the secretion of his adrenal glands and produced inexplicable excitement. Liu Fei couldn’t wait to jump into the raging tide immediately.
Liu Fei suppressed the surging fighting spirit in his heart. His willpower was very firm and he knew exactly what he was doing now.
This crazy confrontation on the street made Liu Fei feel relieved.
This shows that the aliens have not yet gained absolute initiative on the ground, let alone take whatever meat and fish they want from humans. Therefore, Chenchen’s chance of survival has increased a lot.
Chenchen was not in danger. Chenchen was wearing a snow-white robe. The lines of her exposed calves were as smooth and well-proportioned as silk. The fine green silk on her shawl was shiny and shiny, like a black waterfall. She was quietly sleeping. Sitting on the balcony, looking at the streets full of war smoke, beside her, there was a small glass table. On the table, there was a glass of boiled water. Next to the glass, there was a mecha button and a sharp serrated dagger. , these things were gifts given to her by Su Ziyun.
Alien shapes kept passing by in the air, leaving beautiful lines in front of the window. Chenchen was unaware of the danger. She looked in the direction of Drow Mecha University, her face There was a trace of worry on his face.
What is he doing?
Is he safe?
Chenchen gently touched the sharp serrated dagger on the table. She wanted to rush out to meet Liu Fei, but she knew that her mecha piloting skills were not enough for her to rush to the Drow Mecha University. She didn’t want to be a burden to Liu Fei.
Chenchen slowly picked up the cup and took a sip. She felt a deep coolness from her throat to her limbs. Inexplicably, Chenchen thought of that indifferent face. That face, just like that. Like this ice-cold water, this water, like Liu Fei, is cold and refreshing. I wonder
what he will look like when he smiles?
A dreamy smile appeared on the corner of Chenchen’s mouth. She imagined Liu Fei’s smiling expression. However, no matter how hard she tried, Liu Fei’s smile was a bit blurry because she had no blueprint for imagination. Liu Fei had never had it. Laughed.
Chenchen unconsciously looked into the distance. Suddenly, her eyes suddenly became clear. She saw a black shadow running towards this side. Behind the black shadow, there were swarms of aliens. It looked like It was like a dark cloud chasing the black shadow.
Is it Liu Fei?
Chenchen stood up suddenly, the sadness on his face swept away, and his eyes radiated hot light.
It’s a mecha!
The speed of the black shadow was like lightning, constantly weaving left and