h is too few compared to Wal-Mart.” “

h is too few compared to Wal-Mart.” ”
Well, it’s better to find a location. Yes, you won’t lose money just by selling the land in the future.”
“Not bad.”
“Then just buy it and ask someone to ask if you have time.”
We have to go through Central Park to go home, and the speed of the car slows down a lot because there are often horse-drawn carriages passing by. , they are the unique scenery here.
There are more than 4,000 high-rise buildings in Manhattan, which is the largest concentration of skyscrapers in the world. The 843-acre Central Park is like an emerald embedded in it.
If Manhattan is a giant, Central Park is its lungs.
There are many cafes along the street. Han Xuan was inexplicably reminded of the American TV series “Friends”. Although the “Central Park Cafe” in it is fictional and the entire show was filmed in Los Angeles, walking here feels like they really existed. .
Thinking about it, something seemed wrong. Han Xuan held his chin and rolled his eyes as he recalled. His left eyebrow suddenly raised: isn’t it 1994 now? It hasn’t started broadcasting yet.
“By the way, is there really a market for the online shopping you mentioned this morning?” The old man opened his eyes, looked at his grandson and asked.
Han Xuan nodded and asked him: “Do you think more people in the United States go to the store to buy pizza, or more people call to have it delivered to their door?”
“Call to deliver.” After Little John finished speaking, he realized that he shouldn’t interrupt, and said quickly : “That’s how I was when I was in Seattle.”
“Buying things online is like ordering pizza over the phone. You only need to wait a few days to have the specialties from the East Coast shipped to the West Coast. This saves a lot of store space and labor costs, and the goods are much cheaper. Less.”
“As long as you have a computer, you can search for all the products online. It only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to go to the street to search for them. You can buy them directly and have them delivered to your home.”
Han Xuan sat up straight and continued: “There is no rush now, private There are too few people with computers.”
“In terms of freight, SOS Transportation Company already has channels, and it will expand directly based on them. The land price is not high, and some are around central cities. You can buy some and put them there first. If you want to build in the future, it will be built soon. It can be done.”
/The old man asked in confusion: “Then how do you make money? Sellers charge when they open a store online?”
“No, to make cash flow money, set up an online bank, and use the time difference between purchases and sales to precipitate money. A large sum of money means a lot of interest alone.”
“There is no charge for opening a store. You pay a deposit and deposit it with us, which is also part of the cash flow. Sellers charge for advertising, which is similar to the advertising space in Times Square, except that it is in On the website.”
Mr. Han has been doing business since he