t to Go to Shishiyuan, I will open it and say three words, Shishiyuan, okay?” Lin Xin asked after catching the bottle.

t to Go to Shishiyuan, I will open it and say three words, Shishiyuan, okay?” Lin Xin asked after catching the bottle.
“Okay, that’s it.” Pudusheng nodded, with some curiosity in his eyes, “To be honest, I have never seen the short-air flower start. It’s just a good experience.”
Lin Xin glared at him angrily, It turns out that this guy was also unsure, so he was used as an experiment.
He took the vial of blue liquid and looked through it, then stood under the stamen as big as a bathtub.
Just unplugged the crystal bottle stopper.
A burst of dark blue smoke suddenly spurted out from the bottle and rushed upward to the center of the flower. Then, like a sponge absorbing water, the flower quickly sucked in all the blue smoke.
Hissing was like the sound of a creature sucking water, and the Short Sky Flower suddenly started to move. Like a human being, it raised its head and took a deep breath, then suddenly bent down.
Ah sneeze!
All the dark yellow pollen in the middle of the stamens sprayed all over Lin Xin like saliva. And where the stamens should have been, a dark tunnel entrance actually appeared in the middle surrounded by petals.
“Shizihara!” Lin Xin didn’t care about being criticized and shouted directly in double-faced Mandarin.
Short Sky bends her waist and takes a deep breath again.
Lin Xin sucked it in like a noodle and was sucked into the black hole in the middle of the petals.
Short Konghua seemed to have burped, and then quickly became limp and listless.
Lin Xin lay flat on his back and flew forward quickly in a dark tunnel. An inexplicable pulling force led him forward.
The tunnel is like the intestines of a dark creature. There are layers of folds on the inner wall, which are constantly vibrating and squeezing with a rhythmic frequency.
After flying in a zigzag manner for a while and turning many corners, a faint light finally appeared in front of us, a faint red light.
/Lin Xin opened his eyes wide, trying to see what was at the exit. But what came into view was only a light red haze. He also smelled a faint smell of sulfur in his nose.
He quickly raised his spiritual energy, and an invisible spiritual field slowly spread over his body, turning it into a defense. Be prepared for anything.
The sky was pitch black.
Scarlet-red lava rivers are scattered all over the land, and black smoke and poisonous gas are constantly emitting from each river. From time to time, waves of red magma water erupt from some places, like waves crashing on the shore.
The ground is as dark as ink, except for the red lava rivers, which are clusters of gray vines without leaves. Each of these vines is as tall as a person, covered with spikes, and their teeth and claws are like the claws of monster beasts.
A giant volcano in the distance was slowly erupting, with red flames rising into the sky from time to time. A large amount of golden-red magma overflowed along the mountain, forming golden lines.
This is a dark and scorching plain, with undulating hills covered wit