rently he was aware of the threat of the spell Lin Yun was casting.

rently he was aware of the threat of the spell Lin Yun was casting.
But at this moment, Reina in the sky opened her mouth and spit out a ball of dazzling ice-blue light, like a meteor with a long tail, instantly hitting the four-armed alchemy puppet.
In an instant, everything within a radius of more than ten meters was frozen, and half of the purification rays released by the four-armed alchemy puppet were frozen.
/Within a few meters of the four-armed alchemy puppet, all the spells that were about to fall on it were frozen, as if time had been suspended at this moment.
In the sky, Lin Yun’s fourth-series explosive bomb was also successfully released. The fourth-series explosive bomb released this time was more unstable, but larger than before.
The originally simple surface is now densely packed with runes and lines, and the shape looks more graceful and smooth, just like a work of art created by a pure-blood elf.
Even the green wind that originally hovered around the four-series bombs and was used as a driving force turned into cyan runes and was printed on the surface and back of the four-series bombs.
The moment it was condensed into shape, four colors of light suddenly appeared in the sky.
The elements of the four series gathered crazily, and then turned into four-color elf phantoms flying in the air. There were also four-color elf phantoms flying down cheering, blending into the four-series explosive bombs, making the four-series The power of the bomb has become stronger.
In the distance, Butler, who had just emerged from the space, had a look on his face and looked in the direction of the Gray Orc Fortress, with a trace of surprise in his eyes.
“Someone has created a new spell? It’s amazing. They have just been created, and they are all eighth-level spells. When did such a terrifying powerful man appear in the Raging Flame Plane? There is definitely no such thing in the Kingdom of Andalusia. Such a strong person must be from the Kingdom of Odin. It’s troublesome. We must make preparations.”
After muttering to himself, Butler opened the portal and left with a solemn expression.
On the gray orc side, Lin Yun couldn’t help but smile.
/Such a self-created spell has finally taken shape. Although it is still relatively crude, according to the level of power, it is already an eighth-level spell, and it is also a relatively powerful single-target offensive spell among the eighth-level spells! As a creator, every time you cast this spell, there will be a series of benefits such as increased power, shortened casting time, reduced magic power consumption, etc. If the spell is
successfully cast, the four-series explosive bomb will instantly disappear in place and disappear in mid-air. Suddenly a white air wave channel appeared, and the four-series explosive bomb instantly collided with the frozen four-armed alchemy puppet.
In Lin Yun’s eyes, this spell, which had almost no advantages other than the power of destruction, exploded with terrifying power at this moment.
The power of the explosion t