e four major continents by him.”

e four major continents by him.”
“Who is he?”
/Zhou Jijun opened his mouth and asked, and King Zhao Tong on the side also let go of his hand. Looking at Hobuyi curiously.
“The Lord Who Moves Mountains.” A strange smile flashed across the corner of Ho Buyi’s mouth, and he disappeared into the wine cup for an instant. After drinking from the cup, he rolled up his sleeves and wiped the corners of his lips, and said in a deep voice, “Many years ago, the ancestors of Yiren first came The Qizhou people were not called strangers, but Yishan people, because they were all the people of Yishan Holy Kingdom. After Yishanjunsheng was defeated, he quietly came to Qizhou with his people and lived under his rule. The surviving citizens of Xiaotian Mountain who were moved from the four major continents were all those with low cultivation and were not qualified to participate in the war. They were unaccustomed to the climate and homesickness of the seven states, and many of them were unable to leave any descendants throughout their lives. , only a few give birth to heirs, and most of the newborns possess the strange powers of their parents, which are the magical powers of the people of Yishan. They are various and complex. ”
“These magical powers can be passed down with the bloodline, and as the older generation moves. The mountain people died, and generations of Yishan people intermarried with the people of the Seven States. Their descendants were scattered all over the place, and their bloodline was diluted. The legends about their hometown disappeared with them. In the end, the descendants of the Yishan people all forgot their original origins. Coming from the four major continents, they all regard themselves as people from the Seven States, but they are the kind of people with extraordinary talents. Later, they call themselves strangers.”
The cold wind jumped from top to bottom. Entering the lampshade, the swaying flames reflected the slightly blurred eyes of King Zhao Tong. Suddenly, the corners of his eyes twitched. The young king seemed to have suddenly thought of something. He turned to Huo Buyi with some excitement and said, “Even the powerful stranger can’t do it.” They are just descendants of the weak people in Yishan in your story. Are the four continents where immortals and gods exist? Aren’t the immortals in the legend all highly capable and indifferent to the world? Why don’t they stop them? War?”
/Hearing this, Zhou Jijun looked at Huo Buyi with a smile, but saw that he also had a light teasing look on his face.
“It’s true that there are immortals and gods, but those so-called immortals and gods are also on the side of the war. Just like you, Your Highness, they are fighting for territory, population and resources.” After taking a sip of the wine, Ho Buyi looked at the somewhat absent-minded person. King Zhao Tong said quietly, “The immortals’ aristocracy and non-competition have been gone for a long time.”
Looking at Huo Buyi, who was calm and chatting leisurely, Zhou Jijun’s doubts grew in hi