sided that she came to her senses, left quickly, and took the car back home.

sided that she came to her senses, left quickly, and took the car back home.
After returning to the dormitory to rest, Wei He had a meal, changed his clothes in the afternoon, and headed to the University of Warsaw.
At the university, he cooperated with Dibang and prepared to officially start dispensing the new Hongling potion.
If this batch of potions is successful, he will receive a reward of 600,000 yuan, and three times the material consumption for each potion.
/This means that the cost of a Hongling potion is actually 900,000.
The remaining 2.4 million materials only require the delivery of two or three potions.
The rest is all his own material.
Taking advantage of everyone’s break, during the lunch break, Wei He and Di Bang were in the pharmacy room again, processing the newly arrived materials, and then officially started preparing the medicine.
Soon, two Hongling potions were successfully configured.
Wei He walked out of the pharmacy room with the potion and handed it to Di Bang, who had been waiting for a long time.
“Remember, there needs to be a month’s interval between taking each pill, otherwise the effects of the medicine in your body will overlap in a very short time, causing huge side effects. If something goes wrong then, don’t blame me for not warning you.” Wei He said calmly.
“Okay!” Dibang nodded seriously. Looking at the potion in his hand, he felt that it was purer than what he had drunk before.
There was a hint of joy in his eyes.
The purer it is, the smaller the side effects of the medicine are.
“Thank you.” He took the potion and thanked Wei He again, then turned around and walked resolutely in the direction of leaving.
Wei He wiped his hands. He was about to participate in a small project that Professor Freud had mentioned and distributed from above.
That little item seems to be quite important and gives a little bit of rare samples.
If he can stand out in this project, it will be of great help to his future promotion and authority.
Back in the pharmacy room, Wei He looked at the remaining materials.
For him, the 2.4 million yuan in capital and materials actually produced a total of seven potions.
The success rate is almost 90%.
After giving two out, he still had five in his hand, which was enough for him to absorb for a long time.
After all, spiritual power increases too much in one breath, and it takes time to adapt.
Although the physical body doesn’t matter, if you want the improved spiritual energy to operate according to your own spiritual methods, you still need to have the most basic control.
Soon, Wei He left the pharmacy room with the remaining five potions and put them in his personal encrypted cabinet.
After cooperating with the professor to complete the project research, you can take it home and take it.
After taking medicine here last time, he was seen by a graduate student, and then the news was exposed, and he was visited by the empire, which made Wei He be more vigilant.
So he was much more cautious this time.
After changi