ll the time!”

ll the time!”
Shi Bing was obviously prepared. He knew from the beginning that I would repeat my old tricks, so I had a backup plan to deal with them.
“Really? Did you think of this move? Shatter!”
My hand technique changed, and the surrounding earth wall instantly shattered, and large chunks of earth fell down, burying Shi Bing, and only his head was exposed. It’s also breathable.
Shi Bing knew something was wrong, so he stretched out his hand to pick himself out, but it was too late. The soil immediately hardened, locking Shi Bing in this indestructible prison.
“You lost again.”
I shrugged.
“I’m not convinced, do it again, do it again!”
He looked a little excited and shouted loudly. I glanced at Lai Guodong, who nodded and said, “Let’s stop the discussion here. Don’t hurt the other party.”
“Then I’ll do it first . I’m going back, see you in a few days.”
I said hello and left, completely ignoring the child’s strange screams from behind.
After leaving the barracks gate and staying home for a few days, news finally came from Secretary Zhu, saying that all the guys who had prepared were fine. Let’s go pick up the goods.
It was raining when we went there. We were in a warehouse in North Shanghai. When Luo Qiong and I entered, we saw a huge wooden box in front of us. Secretary Zhu stood behind the wooden box and motioned to his two men to open it, and then said: “You guys.” Just click.”
I looked down and saw that the wooden box was filled with newly customized demon hunting crossbow arrows and three brand new demon hunting crossbows. Last time I encountered a sneak attack by Yulang Sandao, I got inspiration from the monster hunting crossbow they used. If we can also strengthen the retractable defensive barrier on the monster hunting crossbow, wouldn’t it be a great self-protection? ability. So I made this request to Secretary Zhu, but I never thought they would actually do it.
Lifting up the new demon-hunting crossbow, Secretary Zhu next to him said: “We have made some modifications and remade the body of the demon-hunting crossbow using alloy technology. The weight has become lighter but the strength remains unchanged. The barrier installed on it can be It is telescopic, and the switch is on the side. When opened, there is a steel plate with a length of 80 cm and a width of 80 cm. It is not very thick but can withstand small-caliber bullets. In addition, you can install the steel knife on the monster hunter with a card slot on the front. The top of the crossbow will be more convenient in close combat. ”
I have to say that the new demon hunting crossbow far exceeded my expectations!
I asked Lai Guodong to arrange a total of four people. Lai Guodong has many capable people and strangers, but due to the special situation of Xuanhai, there are not many people who can really come in handy.
The three people I chose are Hei Niu, Tie Gu, Shi Bing and Hua Niu under Lai Guodong.
/I don’t know the real names of the other three besides Shi Bing, they use code names.
/Black Bull is the