After hearing what she said, I immediately thought of it!
This brass token shaped like a crane does look very similar to Maoshan’s token. Maoshan’s tokens are actually quite interesting. Maoshan’s disciples with different identities have different identity tokens with different shapes and materials. Outer disciples usually have wooden signs with a square shape and Maoshan’s special enchantment and their own names on them. The disciples who entered the door changed to a brass-based sign with a crane-like shape, which is the sign I have in my hand. If he succeeds in practice and is accepted as a registered disciple by the seniors in the sect, the brand will change from brass to bronze. Moreover, the surface of this bronze is coated with a special substance so that it will not rust even after decades of storage. It is much easier to use than the current stainless steel. Further up are the elite disciples. That is to say, for the elites who are accepted as disciples by some seniors in the sect, their brands will turn into gold. Just when you take it out, it shines brightly, and you feel a sense of wealth and nobility. The shape is still like a crane. Further up are the closed disciples at the elder level. Close disciples have different meanings to any senior.
/What is a closed disciple? That means that this junior is recognized by his master, and the master believes that he will never find a better disciple than this person from now on. So my wish is fulfilled and I try my best to train him. The token of the closed disciple is made of jade and shaped like a sword. It is very beautiful. It is said that it will emit a strange radiance under sufficient light.
Further up is the elder-level token, so the token taken out by this Maoshan disciple can tell his status within the sect. If a discerning person sees a jade-shaped token in the other person’s hand, it is best not to mess with him, regardless of whether the closed disciple has learned real skills or has good talents. The masters behind the scenes alone are not something that ordinary people can afford to offend.
“This is Maoshan’s entry-level disciple.” If the strength of Maoshan’s entry-level disciples is converted into 507 internal evaluations, they are almost at the top of the Xuanzi level, and the best among them can even reach the Tianzi level.
/“People from Maoshan actually died here?” Jin Hu said in surprise. Maoshan has a lot of control over his entry-level disciples, not only restraining them but also protecting them. Any disciple of Maoshan who disappears in the arena or does something that violates the rules of the sect will be investigated.
There are more than a dozen corpses lying here, and several of them should be from Maoshan. I don’t know when these disciples died in Yaling Fort, but Maoshan didn’t find Yaling Fort?
“How did the disciples of these sects die? Why were the corpses dismantled like this?” What Jin Hu said was also what I found strange, if they died in a fight with others. At least the body should remain intact. But why