around the demon mountain. The largest one is only seven or eight meters long. “It’s still very different from the one you told me was caught in Fujian.”

around the demon mountain. The largest one is only seven or eight meters long. “It’s still very different from the one you told me was caught in Fujian.”
“You mean, there’s a bigger Bayu tribe in it?
” There was more than one kind of guard dog. “None
of the three ships were equipped with heavy weapons. There were some water guns and torpedoes. Old Man Tao and Deputy Director Xia, as the commander-in-chief of this operation, started discussing at this time. A consensus was quickly reached. Don’t take any more drastic action first, and let the ships drive past slowly. Once these bastards launch an attack first. We blasted them away with water guns. And if they don’t know the current situation, then there are so many masters on this ship who won’t make it easy for them.
The three ships set off again, keeping their speed very low and moving forward bit by bit. The Spanish mackerel schools can only slowly disperse in the face of huge ocean-going cargo ships. But no one on the boat spoke, and the surrounding sea was very quiet. Only the sound of splashing water could be heard.
I lit a cigarette. Watching these very disciplined soldiers scattering, I thought to myself: It would be interesting if a battle broke out here.
Never thought about it. My idea actually came true a few seconds later!
/Just as he was about to sail past this group of Bayank bones, a strange and sharp cry suddenly came from the left side of the ship! The surroundings were very quiet, and the chirping immediately seemed unusually abrupt and clear. Although the surrounding Baygu group was alert but had no desire to attack, after hearing this cry, hundreds of Baybones suddenly rioted!
The largest of the group of monsters, the seven-eight-meter-long birdbone, suddenly raised its head and roared. What came out was a cry similar to the one just now, only more rough. At the same time, countless duck bones in the water suddenly jumped out of the water. The jumping ability of these monsters is amazing. Coupled with their control over the sea water, they can jump up the hull of a ship dozens of meters high. And launched an attack on the people on the ship!
“They are taking action. Prepare the water cannons, and the people on the boat will fight!” Deputy Director Xia shouted loudly. Old Tao hurriedly walked to the control room under the protection of several people.
/“Why did the fight suddenly start?” I had no intention of taking action. I just left this little battle to Deputy Director Xia’s men. After all, they are not powerful monsters, but there are relatively many of them.
“The Bayu that were hatched by you just now must have felt the aura of the same kind, so they screamed. When the Bayu outside heard the cry, they thought you had captured their children, so they took action. The demon clan, especially the Bayu type The monster beast group is very protective of the young in its own group, and it is reasonable to launch an attack. However,” Nagisa paused and said, “I think if you kill them hard, it will attract more people. “Trouble.”