“In this real world, there is no news about the disappearance of the 20,000 players in Novice Village. Don’t you think it’s strange?” Liu Gan found another piece of evidence to try to convince Ke Ming.
/“Those 20,000 players must be fake. They were simulated by computers. Only those of us who survived are real humans. Jiajia and I have thought about this for a long time. Brother Liu, Mo Fan is quite stubborn and can There are not many people who can persuade him, maybe you are the only one.” After Ke Ming answered Liu Qian, he repeated the previous words.
Liu Qian couldn’t convince Ke Ming, so he simply turned off the call. Everyone’s fate was up to them to choose, and he didn’t have the time to convince everyone.
After logging into the game several times in front of the computer, he found that he still couldn’t leave here and return to the world of trembling, which made Liu Qian feel very depressed. Unlike Ke Ming and the others, Liu Qian doesn’t want to stay here any longer. This so-called ‘real world’ is no longer his life. The trembling world is his real life.
“Are there any private rooms here?” Liu Gan stood up and walked to the network administrator and asked him.
According to Liu Qian’s analysis, you may have to be in a place where no one else can see you before you can return to the Snow Mountain Novice Village in Tundra City when logging into the game, right? Or would this cause ‘real world’ data errors?
“All the ordinary bags upstairs are occupied, and there is only one luxury bag left, which costs fifty yuan an hour.” The network administrator tried to tell Liu Gan. The luxury bags worth fifty yuan an hour were almost all sold in this small town. I never got any business, and I often discounted it to ten yuan an hour before anyone would ask for it.
“That’s it.” Liu Qian nodded.
“I’ll take you up.” Seeing that Liu Qian didn’t even tell the price, the network manager led Liu Qian up to the second floor with a smile on his face.
The so-called luxury bag means that in addition to the computer, there are sofas, beds, seats, and even a large TV for karaoke. But these Liu Gan didn’t care, as long as there was no one in the private room.
After paying a deposit of 100 yuan and waiting for the network administrator to leave, Liu Gan closed the curtains of the private room, then sat by the computer and logged in to the game again.
Liu Gan couldn’t help but cursed after seeing that he had successfully logged into Tranquility City again, but he was still in the ‘real world’.
/Xinshoucun Artificial Intelligence, are you kidding me? Did you agree to come and go as you please within three days?
Liu Gan got up and checked the private room carefully, confirming that there was no one else hiding in the private room, and there were no surveillance cameras or anything like that. He then logged in to the game several times, but still couldn’t return to the Thriller World!
“So many people want to go back to this so-called ‘real world’, but they can’t. As a person who doesn’t want to co