rapid fire, and used headshots and vital aim to finish off the boss within two seconds. Forty-eight percent of BOSS’s energy!

rapid fire, and used headshots and vital aim to finish off the boss within two seconds. Forty-eight percent of BOSS’s energy!
This seems to mean that if Yu Jianxin teleports to Liu Qian and Liu Ruyan in this situation, the high damage Liu Ruyan bursts out in two seconds is enough to cause 150% damage to him. Super kill!
In other words, even if Liu Qian’s current epic-level orange and purple mixed equipment is not activated, he will not be able to withstand the excessive damage that Liu Ruyan bursts out in two seconds without activating the Burning Cauldron.
In an energy-based world, the chance of a player randomly receiving the dual-wielding ability of gun weapons when reaching level 5 is extremely low. The explosion rate of pistol weapons is also the lowest among all weapons. No matter how proficient ordinary players are in gun weapons, , even the marksmanship cannot be as accurate as Liu Ruyan.
Dual-wielding orange pistols only added three power chips, allowing Liu Ruyan to explode with excessive damage in two seconds, far exceeding Liu Qian.
Generally speaking, when Liu Qian also advances to level 9, after 2 seconds of increasing the damage value of the super combo, the average damage value can gradually increase, but it will still be lower than Liu Ruyan who dual-wields orange pistols. .
/Moreover, Liu Ruyan now only has three power chips. Under the huge damage caused by such a luxurious power chip configuration, after the boss at the end of the level was eliminated from the invincible state, he was killed by Liu Ruyan before even half a minute. Qian killed it easily, and Liu Qian, like Liu Ruyan, was promoted from level 8 to level 9.
Liu Qian found an extra power slot and inserted the ultimate power chip into it.
If everything is as Yu Jianxin said, there are no level 10 zombies in the energy world, and players cannot advance to level 10, now Liu Gan can only work hard on equipment and abilities if he wants to improve his strength. .
The armors of the two of them still have a lot of purple equipment that have not been replaced by orange equipment. After changing to orange equipment, a large number of super chips will be needed to exert the maximum power of the orange equipment. Only by getting enough super chips can these The orange equipment has been promoted to the legendary level, thus greatly improving the strength of the two of them again.
In terms of abilities, Liu Qian can continue to look for higher-level knife attack abilities and higher-level assistance abilities. Liu Ruyan has more room for improvement. At this stage, she only has 10 ability chip slots inserted. 4, and there are 6 power chips that can be inserted. Once the gun attack power reaches 4 or more, it can also produce a double killing effect of a combo.
After successfully clearing the dungeon twice, the night was getting deeper and deeper. Liu Gan was extremely exhausted and needed to return to the city to rest. Although there are groups of corpses wandering everywhere at night, they pose no threat to Liu Qian and Liu R