g dust and scaring the other person back again and again.

g dust and scaring the other person back again and again.
There was no need to worry about other things. They only needed to take care of the little boss. Jason said to these people in a cold voice: “You can’t afford to mess with my boss. If you don’t want to die, then get away.” There was
a moment of silence, but there was no one. People dare to refute.
Whether they were officials with bodyguards or rich people who went out with bodyguards, they really couldn’t afford to offend them. Suddenly they understood why Bako was here, it was obviously to accompany someone.
/Most people were annoyed and puzzled. When they saw a large group of Chinese arriving in a mighty manner, the guy nicknamed Lizard said “wait for it later” and waved his hands to leave. It didn’t take long for reinforcements to arrive if they didn’t leave.
A rolling Rolls-Royce appeared on the road, frightening the prisoners to get out of the way. When they saw the Gatling machine gun on the roof of the car, many of them’s eyes almost popped out and they almost surrendered.
Then I realized that no one seemed to be paying attention to what I meant, so I relaxed a little. I found that a prison guard had already shot and killed someone. Knowing that the chance of escaping was very small, I started to capture hostages, preparing to stir up public opinion for negotiations and improve the situation in the prison. Welfare, finally chose to use the canteen as a base camp, where you can eat and drink without worries.
When the Rolls-Royce stopped at the door of the warehouse, Han Xuan was on the phone with his old man. After reporting that he was safe, he asked the red devil’s name, and then he found out that his name was Li Taishan. , his nickname in the Chinese circle is Li Laohu.
Hearing Jason calling him to get in the car, Han Xuan turned his head and said to Warden Baco: “This guy saved your life just now, and other Chinese also helped. Be kind to them in the future. Isn’t it too much to ask for?”
“It’s not too much.” , I will definitely arrange it, thank you!” Warden Baco held Li Laohu’s hand and expressed his gratitude again and again. Han Xuan personally gave the order, and this favor must be fully paid.
He told the Chinese not to make trouble. When he got into the car, Han Xuan heard a clicking sound and realized that the car was locked. He finally put his heart back in his stomach. The gun was already at its limit. He was not afraid of the people in prison at all. Can break through bulletproof cars.
Just as he was about to leave, he saw Li Laohu bending down to knock on the car window. Han Xuan opened the window a crack and asked him, “What, is there anything else?” ”
I just thought of something and I think I should tell you. In fact, it happened last week.” Someone has planned what happened today. Only the top leaders of a few gangs knew that there was a chance to escape tonight. I am my eldest brother’s confidant, so he told me.” Li Laohu said with a serious expression.
“Last week?”
Han Xuan frowned. He thought it was just an