ons to dig out bit by bit, which takes a lot of time.

ons to dig out bit by bit, which takes a lot of time.
The undead wearing a worn-out felt hat did not stop at this level, but continued to move higher. Entering a higher level again, it was a platform of at least ten kilometers. This place was far larger than it looked. There are many, the space here has been expanded, and at the edges, you can even see many traces of the extinguished soul fire.
In the center is a thousand-meter blank platform, surrounded by stone containers. However, the containers here are higher and larger than the ones below. Each container is three hundred meters high, and most places are empty. There are only a few places where goods are stored.
There are strange-looking skulls of unknown objects, and many things placed in boxes. More importantly, there are a lot of neatly arranged scrolls, all made of the skin of unknown creatures. .
At the end of the clearing, there is a smooth wall, a wall as glorious as a mirror. Complex patterns and spells are written on the wall with blood, all written in the language of the soul.
Lin Yun followed the skeleton with a strange expression and continued to move forward. Suddenly, he was slightly startled, and took a step back. Standing at this position, looking at the huge brilliance stone wall at the end, he could vaguely see the back of a figure. It seemed that the figure was inside that stone wall.
When Lin Yun wanted to see the black shadow clearly, he found that the black shadow was getting farther and farther away, and there seemed to be a faint mist rising in the middle. It was always just a little bit different. No matter what he did, he saw only one Blurred black background.
After taking another step forward, nothing could be seen anymore.
“This human being from the main material plane, oh damn, a living human being, no, no, he just looks like a human being, a transcendent life.
Dak, is this guy the one who cannot be traded directly this time?”
/The soul fire of the skeleton wearing a worn-out felt hat flickered slowly, and then he slowly retreated.
At this time, Lin Yun saw what was hidden in the dark shadow under the glorious wall. It seemed that the place became brighter in an instant.
“A strong man from the main material plane, I think you would like a slightly brighter environment. My name is Lilith, and I am the lord here. Or according to you, you can call me the manager.”
/Black Shadow slowly said dissipated, and a circle of something that looked like a counter appeared. Behind the counter, which was more than ten meters high, a girl with a monocle, long blood-colored hair, a pale face, and her neck covered with blood-colored lines appeared.
The girl dropped the two quills in her hands, rolled up the scroll in front of her and stuffed it into a metal box, then looked down at Lin Yun with a strange smile.
“Then, the strong man from the main material plane, the transaction can begin.”
After saying this, the girl threw the bright crystal plate to Lin Yun, and then took out a new leather scroll, two He was holding two q