elped him fulfill his dream, and there must be something in return, right?

elped him fulfill his dream, and there must be something in return, right?
“Idiots, you idiots, kill those skeletons, tear the bones of those skeletons, and bring me the essence of the undead. Do you understand the essence of the undead? Idiots, the essence of the undead doesn’t know anything. Just die, and find another one. Someone Do you know?”
“Okay, we all know what the undead purification is. The great Bodi wants these things, and the great Ymir also wants these things.”
Wait until Ymir tore a dozen undead to pieces with his own hands, even to pieces. After killing a forty-level zombie, all the undead, no matter how stupid they are, know that they must say they know it. Even if they still don’t understand why Ymir wants those useless undead purifications, at most they are used as a breeding ground for the undead. Fertilizer use, why should we collect
fertilizer from the undead breeding ground, which is the essence of the undead, a place where countless undead corpses are piled up. There are countless skeletons, countless undead essences, and new undead are all bred there. At least this is how the local undead appear.
But no undead lord would specifically build an undead breeding ground, because the undead plane never lacks undead. All the undead breeding grounds in the undead plane are naturally formed, or are places accumulated after a long period of war.
After the war stops, a sea of ??corpses and skeletons will form in those places, and as time goes by, new undead may crawl out of it.
Although new undead are not bred very quickly, there is never a shortage of undead creatures in the undead plane. No one knows why there are more and more undead creatures in the undead plane, especially those cannon fodders who die every day. Many, but still never die.
Ymir, who has newly gained the ability to release fire, has gone completely crazy. His IQ is not very high to begin with. Although the power of fire cannot even burn a level 25 skeleton, he got what he wanted. If you don’t like it, you will think about how to get more and how to repay “Bowdy”.
/The battlefield became even more chaotic. Ymir personally led the team, like crazy, shuttled around the battlefield, picking up the undead essence that no one wanted in the battlefield. Although the probability of low-level undead showing up with undead essence was not high, the huge number was not. What?
According to Mir’s original intention, there are wars everywhere on the land of the Blood Territory. Anyway, no one wants so much undead essence, so it is faster to pick up the undead essence directly than to continue fighting, and you will get more. Is not it.
It’s a pity that other undead lords don’t think so. These guys are like the mad dogs who have been invaded. They think that Ymir is invading the territory. What else can they say? Just start a war.
The battlefield became more and more chaotic. Originally, these undead lords only fought in twos and twos. In a few days, they became seven or eight fighting together. In this case, they became an