l escort Your Excellency Merlin out of here.” “

l escort Your Excellency Merlin out of here.” ”
Joy said to Heron indifferently, and Heron nodded indifferently.
Anyway, no matter what, the people of the Odin Kingdom must not be allowed to deal with their Andalusian people, let alone this person is Mafa ·Merlin.
The Odin royal family insists on killing their allies. Deidara is also sneering on the side and fanning the flames.
He is about to conclude that this incident is all Lin Yun’s fault, and then he will be labeled as the public enemy of mankind. When asked about this label,
Lin Yun slowly stood up and pointed to the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield,
“You can go and see for yourself first. ”
Prince Odin naturally continued to accuse Lin Yun crazily, his eyes flickering, and he was about to take action, and Deidara was also ready to help him.
Suddenly they heard Lin Yun speak, and they were all stunned. Morgan reacted the fastest , immediately flew into the air, and flew in that direction.
After flying over the mountains, Morgan flew back in horror,
“Damn, there are so many pseudo-celestial monsters. There are several real heaven-level monsters, and even a second-level sky-level dark night phoenix!
Damn it, the second-level Sky Level Dark Night Phoenix! How could there be a second-level heaven-level monster here? ”
Morgan shouted in horror. Immediately, a group of people were shocked. They flew in that direction one after another. They took a look from a distance several thousand meters away and felt the power of the vague aura in the sky. After returning,
Odin looked horrified and was no longer in the mood to accuse Lin Yun. Deidara also forgot to be afraid and was no longer in the mood to worry about the skills in Lin Yun’s hands. Looking at Lin Yun, he waited for Lin Yun to explain this matter.
“Sir Merlin, why is there a second-level sky-level dark night phoenix here? And what’s going on with that large group of pseudo-heaven-level monsters? ”
Lin Yun closed the book in his hand and stood up slowly.
“Because there is a very powerful alchemy circle there, which can extract power from other places and then condense it into the magic crystals of those pseudo-heaven-level monsters.
/Then he forcibly summoned a low-level monster, forcibly fused it with the magic crystal, and finally created a pseudo-celestial monster.
Moreover, that alchemy circle can create ten magic crystals in one day! ”
Lin Yun directly threw out the alchemy array, and even directly introduced the ability of the alchemy array.
After throwing out the alchemy array, everyone was shocked .
“Damn it, the pseudo-heaven-level monster here is actually like this. being manufactured. ”
As long as you occupy that alchemy circle, won’t you be able to easily get ten magic crystals every day?”
With this alchemy circle, who cares how those idiots in the Quicksand Tower died?
And they don’t leave. If there is an accident, everyone knows that it must be because of this alchemy circle that Lin Yun was able to kill the mages of the Quicksand Tower.