ppeared behind Tang Huanhuan in an instant and slashed with his sword.

ppeared behind Tang Huanhuan in an instant and slashed with his sword.
One thigh suddenly fell off the body.
The blood was like a fountain, exploding under the influence of force and turning into blood mist.
Tang Huanhuan fell to the ground and could no longer move.
Her right arm was broken, her left leg was cut off, she was poisoned, and her chest was beaten to the point of internal bleeding.
With such an injury, if it were a different martial artist, he would definitely be dead long ago.
But as a viscera practitioner, the vitality of her internal organs was so strong that she could still barely breathe at this time.
“Go!! Run!!” Tang Huanhuan tried her best to raise her head and shouted, “Zhenjun, go quickly!! Leave…here!!”
Blood continued to overflow from her mouth. But she still couldn’t take her eyes off the blond man running towards her.
Ahhhhh! ! !
The blond man struck Wei He with all his strength.
Circles of transparent power formed a twisted ring, emerging and rotating on his right arm.
Wei He smiled slightly, did not dodge, raised his toes, and pulled Tang Huanhuan up in front of him.
The blond man was stunned and quickly stopped with all his strength.
But before he attacked with all his strength in anger, it was not easy to stop. When he stopped his hand at this moment, it was equivalent to a full-out blow against him.
And it was still in the state where he had already exerted his strength, and he exerted his strength again to fight against himself.
Bang! !
He grabbed his right arm with his left hand, and the two huge forces collided instantly.
A blush suddenly flashed across the blond man’s face, indicating that he had suffered internal injuries.
His palms continued to slow down until they reached Tang Huan’s chest, almost touching her body, and then he was able to stop.
/At this moment, a big hand struck out from behind Tang Huanhuan like lightning.
The huge rain-covering strength is mixed with the huge power of the Whale Hong Jue, plus the superposition of bone strength, all the power can be unleashed with one palm.
/Hit the blond man’s left shoulder.
This palm was originally intended to hit his chest, but he moved it in time and moved it to his left shoulder.
With a loud noise, the blond man flew backwards and fell hard towards the cliff beside the Chain Bridge.
This force actually calculated the distance and was going to drive him into the cliff.
ah! !
The blond man shouted sharply, punched his side several times, and suddenly changed his direction and fell towards the chain bridge.
His palm power was so powerful that even Wei He was amazed when he saw it.
If Zhou Xingtong relies on the magical copper skin, it gives people a domineering and powerful impression.
Then this person relies on pure strength to give people the same impression.
This person’s power seems to be free of charge. He can hit it with one palm. There is no special effect, but it is enough!
The blond man narrowly fell down and just grabbed the edge of the