in recent days, didn’t exist.

in recent days, didn’t exist.
“Why should I take you seriously? Who do you think you are?”
Zuo Yousheng, who had the upper hand in the confrontation, said, raising his eyes to look at Liu Lun with contempt in his eyes.
The anger in his heart surged up. Liu Lun stood up suddenly and looked at Zuo Qingyou bitterly. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a deep voice coming from a distance.
“They really don’t need to take you seriously.”
A man in white clothes came closer from a distance, and in the blink of an eye, he walked slowly across the long street and came to the crowd.
The visitor glanced at Zuo Yousheng, who was slightly stunned, and then looked at Zhou Jijun, who had not yet turned his head. Then his eyes fell on Liu Lun and said lightly, “Is there anyone in the capital? People like this can also rise to the top of the list.” ?”
After saying that, the man looked at Yue Luosha, who was picking his fingers and humming a tune, and Samoni, whose expression was sometimes dignified and sometimes confused. A faint smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Yue Luosha and Shamoni? ? You are really good at hiding your strength. You are the only one who can catch my eye on this so-called Shenglong Ranking.”
“Oh?” Yue Luosha, who was dressed in green coir raincoat, picked out a speck of dirt between his nails and looked at it carefully. A trace of amusement flashed in the eyes of the man in white, “You are also good at hiding, but under my eyes, Yue Rakshasa, few people can hide the origin of their skills. Wow, this martial arts conference seems to be getting more and more exciting. “Yes.”
/Hearing this, a hint of wariness flashed in the man’s eyes, and then he said calmly, “Yes, I think so too.”
Liu Lun, who was ignored by a large group of people again, couldn’t help but blush. Zhu burst out laughing.
“There are indeed a bunch of high-minded young men in this capital. They don’t even consider their own weight and they talk nonsense, which makes people laugh to death.”
Along with his arrogant laughter, there was a sound of distant footsteps, and the man in the suit The stunning young man in yellow robe arrived belatedly.
“I’m so sorry.” Qian Ningchen’s eyes swept over Zhou Jijun, Zuo Yousheng and others, and finally fell on Liu Lun, whose laughter stopped suddenly. “I also feel that there is no need for them to treat you like this. The third one on the rising dragon list is in his eyes.”
Qian Ningchen said leisurely as he smiled at Liu Lun, who was already furious. A hint of unparalleled charm flashed through his beautiful eyes. You are the third-ranked master on the Shenglong Ranking, but there are two people above you, do you know?”
/“Of course I know, huh,” Liu Lun said slowly, with anger in his eyes, “ranking. The second one is Mr. Ming, one of the four great princes in the capital, and the first one is the elusive Xu Ke. “Why, don’t tell me, they are the two of them.”
A smile flashed across Qian Ningchen’s lips. He looked at Liu Lundao provocatively and said, “Of course not,