ng time, he stopped being surprised, and a trace of joy appeared in his eyes.

“That’s it. In the realm of time, although I feel that I am constantly changing my identity, role and experience as time goes by, in fact this is just a scam shot by Qitian. These time periods originally existed side by side with no direction. They are not connected together, as if they were originally intertwined rivers, each flowing in its own direction, some forward, some backward, some up, some down, but Qi Tian manipulated these time periods to force them. Life and death are connected together to form my whole life in this world.”
/Zhou Jijun murmured, looking straight at the time that was out of control and flying in all directions, and carefully understood the meaning of time.
“Time does not always move forward. It can flow backwards, or it can flow to the other side like the mouth of a forked river. People’s experiences and past events also branch off and lead to a different path… Master the time. The first step of Taoism is to find that fork, that point, that point where time stops.”
A light shot out of his eyes, and Zhou Jijun’s whole body was shaken, but he stepped out of the realm of time in an instant with his mind clear.

The sun rose to the middle of the sky, and it was already noon.
Zhou Jijun opened his eyes, and saw the fine dust flying lightly in the sunlight, but in Zhou Jijun’s eyes, it was ever-changing, with every movement turning into thousands of different trajectories.
“Did I stay in samadhi all night?”
“Reporting to me, you stayed in that state for a full six days.”
“Six days?” Zhou Jijun was slightly surprised, then chuckled, “If you can understand the meaning of time, It doesn’t matter if I stay in meditation for another six days. Once I get it, I will use Zhan Tianxiao’s first move.”
“By controlling the direction of time, I can use Zhan Tianxiao to bombard these dead flowers and bring them back to their blooming glory! ”
/Zhou Jijun raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and formed the seal of Zhan Tianxiao in his hand. Ziwei, Qisha, and Taiyin moved around, urging the Tao of Time to be integrated into the technique.
The wind blows, the withered flowers fly, and the night comes out. In the brilliance, those withered and decayed pear blossoms suddenly stop and tremble… Time passes by minute by second, but the withered flowers just stay in the mid-air, without any trace. Signs of bloom.
“Change back!”
Zhou Jijun roared with red eyes, the power of the three rays spurted out, and in the burst of brilliance, the three purple stars shook violently, collapsing and flying away as if they could not bear the weight.
Zhan Tianxiao has become old and has no future.
Zhou Jijun turned his head and coughed out a mouthful of blood. He stared blankly at the dead flowers that had fallen to the ground, and felt a sudden pain in his heart. Prosperity bloomed just to recall the moment with her, that feeling, but it failed to come true in the end.
“The cultivation level is not enough, and t