etely wooden arms possessed inhuman strange strength.

etely wooden arms possessed inhuman strange strength.
“I won’t give you another chance to kill you. Devouring your soul will make up for my loss.”
The monster’s hands gradually pulled and slowly tore my body apart, causing severe pain. But I remained calm because of the reversal of luck. The current situation is too passive. The sneak attack plan just now is not thorough enough, but there is really not much time left for me. This old woman wants to tear me in half alive. I’m definitely not as strong as it, but is there any chance now?
“Wudang Five Elements Kung Fu” is not a magic game after all. It is impossible for me to become as strong as Fatty, but precisely because “Wu-Dang Five Elements Kung Fu” is not a magic game, I have a chance! The strongest point of this set of exercises is not to turn yourself into a powerful warrior, but to control the five elements. Dusty wood is also wood. Right in the wooden row. If I could control the power of metal and use metal to defeat wood, it would be easy to deal with this old woman.
But can it be done?
/I don’t have confidence, but I still have to give it a try! He tapped the old woman’s wrist with his backhand. This sudden thing made the old woman slightly startled. Then concentrate and start to control the Qi in your body.
The time to reverse my luck is approaching the limit. If I can’t control Jin Xing in this last period of time and give me a chance to survive, I will definitely die.
The chance of life and death is at this moment!
Anyway, I can’t survive. After trying to reverse my luck four times, I can only survive for a few more months at most. Either way, I will die. It’s not a loss if I try hard!
All the breath was deposited in my head and did not respond to my movements at first, but maybe the body itself felt the threat of death, or the breath control was smoother after reversing luck. Although I can’t walk all over my body for a week, I can still adjust my breath to my wrists.
A faint yellow light began to emit from the palm of her hand, and the old woman seemed to feel something was not right. She was about to exert force, but suddenly her wrist began to break, and the dusty wood was broken into large pieces, as if it had been cut open!
“how come?”
As soon as I spoke, cold wind poured into my mouth. I immediately coughed several times, and blood sprayed out with saliva.
“Take it.” He grabbed two pills from his pocket and stuffed them into my mouth. I was about to resist, but he pinched my throat gently, and the two pills fell down my esophagus.
“What are you doing!”
I shouted struggling.
“Your meridians are severely broken, you are bleeding excessively all over your body, and your breath is chaotic. I am trying to save you. If I hadn’t found you, you would have died due to the chaos in your breath within half an hour.”
He squatted down as he spoke. As he got closer to me, I could vaguely see that he was a middle-aged man with vicissitudes of life. His lips were purple and his face was rough. He was obviously not an intellectual.