ous biologist and wrote “The Origin of Species”, which made him famous. The explorer’s name was Charles Robert Darwin.

ous biologist and wrote “The Origin of Species”, which made him famous. The explorer’s name was Charles Robert Darwin.
No human traces were found here at that time, and it would be even more impossible to find them now after a hundred years.
It started to rain outside, and the sea breeze made a strange sound. I got up and closed the window. I heard someone knocking on the door, so I walked over and opened it.
Jason stood at the door and said: “The reporter left. There was a call from the San Francisco hospital. They were not poisoned. The helicopter will stay in San Francisco for one night. It is also raining there. Come back tomorrow.” ”
Okay, please. It’s up to you, Jason. Go and have a rest early, Pooh and the others are here, and they will be found if strangers approach.” ”
Well, you should go to bed early.”
Jigglypuff popped up from the stairs, his steps were brisk, and the fat on his body was swaying.
After climbing more than ten steps, I felt a little out of breath. I jumped on the bed and lay down, meowing from time to time. I felt uncomfortable, so I changed my position and lay on the bed, with the tip of my tail dangling.
Han Xuan waited for Jason to leave and closed the door. He grabbed his tail with a smile and lay down together to play with each other.
The waves were very big. He planned to set off early in the morning. Both father and son had changed their clothes. Now they could only lie on the sofa and watch TV. Captain He said he would wait a while and go out to sea if it didn’t rain.
Butler Alner drove to Monterey to buy all the newspapers that had just been released today.
At this moment, Han Xuan spread them on the coffee table and muttered that something was going to happen.
Almost every newspaper used yesterday’s interview as its headline, mocking the Los Angeles Times for causing a sky-high $50 million lawsuit due to improper remarks. They used defensive remarks to detail the news and pointed out that even if Han Xuan did not borrow money from the old man, Han Xuan He is also a billionaire in royalties.
/The Los Angeles Times wrote “joke!” (joke) in big red letters, saying that it would not pay a penny no matter what, implying that the SOS Group was using its rights to suppress the so-called freedom of speech.
The president of Brown University was interviewed and was authorized to release his IQ to prove that the school did not accept illegal money.
Several teachers who taught him also vouched for their reputation, saying that the special admissions student’s grades were exceptionally good. Teacher Angelica even pointed out that Han Xuan wrote this book when he was seven years old!
The media went into a frenzy. The entire New York Times article was filled with words such as “unbelievable”, “unbelievable” and “crazy”!
In this case, the annual report released by SOS Group made this fire burn even brighter!
All Americans know that SOS Group makes money, but they don’t know how much money it can actually make. Look at the string of rising numbers, until las