s a good impression of such people.

s a good impression of such people.
Seeing the two groups of people over there looking towards him, he smiled back and nodded as a courtesy.
The group guarding the border are the people in yellow.
The leader, Hu Nan, immediately smiled back.
There were only three people on the other side, and the middle-aged man who took the lead smiled stiffly back, but he looked like he was crying, as if his expression hadn’t changed in a long time.
Behind him were a man and a woman, who looked very young and seemed to be his nephews.
/At this point, everyone in this area has arrived, and all the forces are surrounding the altar, waiting for the foundation-building elder who leads the team to appear.
Time passed slowly, and it was evening before I knew it.
When the sun was about to set, a crane chirped in the sky in the distance, and a pure-colored white crane flew slowly over, carrying a man on its back, carrying a giant sword, wearing half-length exquisite black armor, and his hair was neat and combed into long lengths under the strong wind. The ponytail is at the back, but his expression is unusually indifferent.
The most striking and unique thing about the man is that there is a delicate flower-like character on one side of his face. The red handwriting seems to have been carefully embroidered on it.
The white crane lowered its height, and the man jumped down, landing on the altar without any fancy.
“I am the leader of this area, Hua Lin. I will set off in three days. Please be prepared.” When he opened his mouth, his voice was like hoarse metal friction, which was extremely unpleasant.
“Senior Brother Hualin.” Lin Xin called. “Do you remember me?”
Hua Lin glanced over and saw him at first glance, and suddenly there was a hint of familiarity in his eyes. He remembered Lin Xin when he asked him to teach Wuyan swordsmanship.
Because among all the people who asked Wu Yan for swordsmanship, Lin Xin’s learning speed was so fast that he was stunned. So impressed.
“It turns out to be Junior Brother Lin. The situation is critical this time. Please cooperate fully!” He raised his hands and said politely to Lin Xin, clasping his fists.
“Is the situation critical?” Lin Xin also felt that the situation was serious. Senior Brother Hualin was already a master of Qi training when he was still a concubine. Now that he was in the foundation building stage, he even said that the situation was critical.
“We need to join other people in other regions as soon as possible.” Hua Lin said seriously. “At that time, you will see that masters from other sects may also be summoned nearby to help. It concerns the foundation of our four sects. This time we can only succeed, not fail!”
“It’s so serious.” Among the mainland defenders, Chen Kun said , looking a little nervous.
“It’s more serious than you think.” Hua Lin said calmly.
The sky is blue and the clouds are so low that they seem ready to fall down at any time.
On the yellow grassland highlands, there are fine white and gray stones everywhere, like broken glass.