asons. However, having a house is better than sleeping outdoors in the snow, so Luo Qiong and I walked towards the house.

asons. However, having a house is better than sleeping outdoors in the snow, so Luo Qiong and I walked towards the house.
The surrounding area is quite open, because it has snowed a few days ago, so there is still some snow, which can cover the feet, and the whole house is not too small. There are three rooms in the front and back, and the light shines through the windows. The foundation of the house is raised upwards, and the structure below is supported by wood. We both walked up the wooden stairs. After knocking on the door, he shouted: “Is there anyone there?”
Even after shouting a few times, no one opened the door, and Luo Qiong couldn’t hold himself back. I reached out and pushed, but I never thought that the door would actually open! It turned out that the wooden door in front of him was not locked tightly. The wooden door opened with a creaking sound. The layout of the house was not complicated. But very clean. There was a lamp on the table, which looked like a kerosene lamp. In the center was a stone stove with a fire burning inside. There are tables, tatami mats, cabinets and other things. There was even some food on the table, and the soup was still slightly steaming. But there was no one there. I tentatively walked into the house and shouted a few more times, but still no one came out.
/Luo Qiong closed the door, and the sound of wind outside was suddenly blocked outside the house. I sat next to the stove, took off my coat, and warmed my hands. The flame was very warm. Luo Qiong stared at the food on the table and was about to use his chopsticks without much thought. I shook my head and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t know what to do yet.”
Luo Qiong’s physique has also improved by leaps and bounds in the past six months. He was beaten to death by Chen Anna every day, and then he fled back to the camp like a bereaved dog. The next day, his injuries were almost healed, and he went back to receive another beating. I analyzed it later and found that the reason why his body recovered so quickly was that on the one hand it was because he had demonic energy to protect his body, and on the other hand it was because he was so badly abused by Anna Chen that he was unable to withstand beatings every day. You have to take a step up. To be honest, he was lucky that he didn’t die in that bitch’s hands!
“I’m really hungry, just eat a little, hehe.” Luo Qiong wanted to take a few bites because of his physical fitness. I thought about it and nodded, and he immediately picked up his chopsticks and started eating.
I stood up and walked towards the other two houses. The three houses were connected and separated by wooden doors. The first room, which is where we just came in, looked like a dining room. I opened the wooden door. There was no light on in the second room. I raised a flame in my hand and walked in. There was a tatami, a cupboard and some storage in the room. There are drawers for clothes, so it seems that the second room should be the bedroom. I turned around, and the flames illuminated the wall. I vaguely